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OOTD: Volume 3, accessorize yourself

Long overdue, but here is my..11th outfit at my new job. Can I take a moment to talk about how much I love infinity scarves? Because I really do. In fact I wish I had more (this one is my only one, but luckily it goes with everything in my closet!). My favorite part of this outfit though, isn’t what’s happening around my neck. Here’s a detail shot:

Tights, H&M; Boots, Nine West

Since in the winter I repeat outfits a lot, tights are a major way I mix things up. When Missoni for Target happened (and I got left in the dust) I missed out on a really cool and funky pair of zig-zag tights. Fast forward a few weeks and I’m rummaging through H&M to find things for my Halloween costume – be still, my heart! – I found a pair of tights so strikingly similar and definitely not sold out that I just had to snatch them up.


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Is Sephora Santa’s lesser-known daughter?

Because after this uh-mazing deal I found, I’m beginning to think it’s more likely.

The other day I made a more than necessary trip to Sephora to pick up some more BADgal lash mascara (benefit, $19) and another Sephora eye lash curler (Sephora, $5). I managed to also walk away with one of Tarte’s LipSurgence Natural Matte Lip Stain (in Envy, $24) – still on my quest to find the superior lip stain (more on that later). While in line to check out, amidst their other last minute items I was almost tempted to buy the NARS lip gloss/lip stain duo – usually $36, currently $10!!

Based on my other purchases it may be a surprise that I turn my nose to some products and brands due to price (in this case, too high), but NARS is usually a little too far above my radar. So imagine my surprise when I stumble upon this incredible lip duo for such a shockingly low price! I had to do a literal double take. I immediately got out of line so I could try the product. (Caveat: I’m not much of a gloss person because nine times out of ten it’s way too sticky and goopy and thick). Thinking back on it right now, I can’t really think of why I didn’t buy it on the spot. Probably because I was already spending over $50 when the original plan was about half that (remember the Tarte lip stain? that wasn’t on my radar for the trip). But now I’m seriously doubting my sanity in that moment. My advice to anyone with a less level head on their shoulders: give in to your more base instincts and spring for this NARS lip-duo, it’s one of the better beauty deals you’ll come across this December.

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Freelancing update!

Remember a few weeks ago when I did a post using quotes from a book I was reviewing? Maybe not, it’s ok. Well that book was released on August 10 and has received all sorts of attention and accolades from all sorts of press since then. I snagged an interview with Marie Claire fashion director and Project Runway judge Nina Garcia on her new Look Book for the Star-Telegram. Check it out here.

But actually, it all started when I was working on the annual summer sales story for the Star-Telegram. I interviewed various fashion experts for the story and while I was finding people to get tips from, Nina’s book showed up on my editor’s desk. So I got to interview her on her new book and for her thoughts on which trends summer sale shoppers should buy to get ahead for spring/summer 2011.

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“It’s Chanel…”

I just found my favorite web video. Ever. And also another reason to love Joe Zee.

After watching (I pray you did), is it not your new favorite thing ever?!? I think taking ridiculous Paris fashion to the streets of NY has got to be genius. Obviously if anyone ever wore that Chewbacca suit expecting to be taken seriously, well they wouldn’t, but that’s not the point. This video has us laughing with fashion, but not at it. Also, did you hear the music? Tres Perfect! This video has me inspired, which is exactly what fashion is meant to do. I’m not saying I’m inspired to take Joe Zee’s chewbacca Chanel suit on the Caribbean cruise next week, but it definitely got me thinking even more about fall fashion – in the middle of July – than I already am (believe me, that’s an endless struggle for me living and dying in the Texas heat, ick!).

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Rainy day fashion

I’m using yesterday and today’s 21-hour downpour as inspiration for this post. Luckily I was inside for the bulk of this rainy deliverance, but if I weren’t here are a few things I have and would have put to use, or wish I had and am just daydreamed about using.

1. Vivienne Westwood Melissa ankle boot, £90I own this alternative to the Wellington boot in the black boot/black bow combination. When we were in London I was cursing myself daily for not having packed more sensible rain shoes (however, in my defense, the only rain shoes I have – damn clunkers – would have taken up too much of the allowed weight in my suitcase). On one particularly rainy day I was so focused on staying dry under my umbrella that I was just looking at my feet the whole time. I saw a girl walk past us looking very London rainstorm-chic wearing these very boots in the gray boot/black bow combination. It was love at first sight, but I didn’t expect to find them on my trip. Au contraire. Long story short, I found them, bought them and can’t wait until I have the chance to flaunt them. Plus they smell like candy.

2. Banana Republic Trench Coat, tan, $200
I got this trench in March when I realized that my then-upcoming trip to London would mean dealing with day after day of rain. At that time I had no rain coats or really anything to protect myself from a royal downpour but a faulty umbrella. It was time to act. While I would have gladly accepted a Burberry trench, this is a completely suitable second choice for a a fifth of the price. It also came in handy in Paris and Antwerp as well as London. There I am, above, wearing it at Versailles (with my non-sensible rain shoes – they’ve seen a cobbler since the trip and forging European gullywashers)!

3. Felix Rey Clear Bubble Umbrella, $68
My bubble umbrella is not quite as cute, it’s literally just a clear bubble umbrella. This one has fun personality and has “rain rain go away” scrolled on it in a girlish cursive print. In my opinion, bubble umbrellas are the way to go. Pros: they have a shape that is hard to be turned up by strong wind, the shape also makes them perfect for the individual without intruding on the head space of other passersby (especially appreciated on college campuses and, I presume, NY sidewalks), plus it’s cute as a button!

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Where there’s a pleat, there’s a way

Ever since our European tour de fashion and our appointment with Madame Pico (see my post on Madame Pico to learn more) I’ve really been craving pleats. In fact, after our visit with the Bernini of draping I bought this pair of high-waisted shorts from Zara with pleating detail at the waist.

(Photo from Chictopia, blazer also Zara)

(I apologize that this is the best picture of me in these shorts so far. Blouse LOFT, purse Nine West, watch Betsey Johnson, sunglases RayBans)

These shorts have been an incredible asset to my summer wardrobe, I can wear them out on a date, on the job or at my internship (thinking about next spring, plus the styling with black tights is perfect for NY). Plus this item proves that pleating and draping isn’t just left to Grecian-style dresses a la Rami Kashou. In fact designers had this very idea for the current season. Here are some fun pleating/draped looks that I can’t get enough of!

Givenchy (SS10, look 27)

Chloe (SS10, look 23)

Matthew Williamson (SS10, look 9)

In addition to seeing pleats and draping looking cool at Zara and on the SS10 runway, one of the senior design majors played with drape, pleats and cowls in her senior collection. Here’s one of LeErin Player’s looks.

One last note: Matthew Williamson was one of a few designers to put the paper waist on shorts and skirts. While it’s got a semi-presence this season, mark my words, it will be a major trend for next the next spring/summer season. Right now stores like Zara and H&M are just playing around with the trend, not taking it very far, but next season the paper waist cinched with a belt will be all over the place.

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What’s in store for Spring/Summer 2011 + let’s catch up, k?

I’ll be upfront with you: for this post I’m plagiarizing. But it’s ok because I’m plagiarizing myself.

My absence for the last six weeks has been induced by my fashion forecasting class. So if it helps at all, my alibi still is fashion-related. My semester-long project has been forecasting the Spring/Summer 2011 for the modern contemporary woman.

This is my collage with the top five trends for the season. But you can read. I’m really looking forward to this season because A) I graduate in May 2011 and all of these all nighters will finally pay off, B) I can finally and officially move to New York City, C) one of my BFFs, Lilly, is getting married (!) and D) I look really hot in the color blue. If you like this visual piece I made for my project (it’s a summation of all the blood/sweat/tears that have gone into this semester) I can totally put up the color stories, textile stories, moods and key silhouettes I researched for the season. I don’t want to bore you, but I am damn proud of all my hard work. And the 99 I got on my color/textile/mood paper.


On another note, it has been brought to my attention of late that I am a graphic design nerd. And I’m ok with that, but let me geek out here for a second. For Christmas I got the Adobe CS4 Design Premium, yippeeee!!!, but now, a mere four months later Adobe is releasing CS5.  It looks magical. Let’s take a look, shall we? Also, please note how dreamy the narrator’s voice is.

And then finally, my other girl crush, Karlie Kloss is on the May Teen Vogue.

Oh wait, just one more thing: I realize that it’s been since February that I’ve posted, so this little nugget of excitement in my life has gone unrecognized on here. I was accepted into the Baylor in New York program for spring 2011. I’ll get to intern and take a few classes. And speaking of the internship, if I can get one with the art department at Elle and work (way) under Joe Zee, I’ll be able to die happy. Honest truth. (So Joe, if for any reason you check up on my blog, let me know if you want my resume. I would personally deliver it if I could.).

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