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The nail polish diaries: Happy day of independence!

To celebrate my first official Fourth of July as a New York resident (got my license last week!), I’m either going to the beach or the Highline to watch fireworks. But no holiday is complete in my book without a festive new nail color to go with. After giving it lots of thought I finally decided that Sapphire blue would be just right (enter Essie Midnight Cami). It’s dark enough to be a good staple in my fall nail polish lineup, but sparkly and upbeat enough to perfect for this mid-summer holiday. Stick to two or more coats (fewer is too royal blue) and Thomas Jefferson would be proud.


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The nail polish diaries

(Isn’t my desk awesome looking??)

The creative teams at OPI and Essie are geniuses. The kind of geniuses with whom I’d like to join ranks. Being a member of the team that names nail polish colors is on my list of dream jobs along with other gems like Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor creator (because, seriously, how awesome would that job be? I could totes see future me as a 50-year-old Vermont hippie coming up with ice cream flavors). But I digress.

Above I’m pictured wearing OPI’s cherry-apple shade awesomely titled “My Chihuahua Bites!” When I sat down for my usual Sunday night DIY mani for the week ahead, I reached for this shade because I felt like having my digits stand out for a change (I wouldn’t say I was tired of lilacs and nude-y golds, buuuut…). In the glow of our half halogen-half flourescent lit apartment at 10:30 that night I thought the hue seemed too orangey-red for my tastes, I was really hoping for something between hot pink and red. But color me pleasantly surprised, because in the white fluorescence of my office the color was closer to what I was pining for than I had originally thought. And against my cream blouse and navy skirt, this color creates an optical illusion that makes me think I’m tanner than I am. There is no downside.

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OOTD: Volume 2!

Another first day and altogether important OOTD. Here begins my post-grad internship, wish me luck! I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a structured jacket over a less-structured dress. It works every time. And to make it better, the strong geometric print and bright coral colors are signatures of this summer season. I also love that the necklines aren’t perfectly the same, it adds an element of interest. And I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t DIY a mani last night. Hello, pretty lilac!

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Spring is in the air!

Happy first day of spring! In honor of the spring equinox, I’m posting about – what else? – spring nail colors.

Of late I’ve been really anxious for warmer weather (could you tell??), and most recently I’ve been pining for some really phenomenal spring nail colors. Really, really white pastels have been catching my attention lately, so I went out in search of some. Lucky for me, while there aren’t any Ultas in NYC, every Duane Reade has a pretty great selection of OPI and Essie. Here’s what I landed.

Tart Deco

Buy Me a Cameo

Now I realize I didn’t actually get what I wanted (because I was aiming for something super lilac-y and sweet, since I love purple so much), but I’m really a fan of these two. Tart Deco (a salmon color, but pinker) is perfect for my first spring DIY pedi – I can’t wait for the weather to warm up again and show off how cute my toes are now! And Buy Me a Cameo is so delicate and demure on my nails. Love!

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