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“It’s Chanel…”

I just found my favorite web video. Ever. And also another reason to love Joe Zee.

After watching (I pray you did), is it not your new favorite thing ever?!? I think taking ridiculous Paris fashion to the streets of NY has got to be genius. Obviously if anyone ever wore that Chewbacca suit expecting to be taken seriously, well they wouldn’t, but that’s not the point. This video has us laughing with fashion, but not at it. Also, did you hear the music? Tres Perfect! This video has me inspired, which is exactly what fashion is meant to do. I’m not saying I’m inspired to take Joe Zee’s chewbacca Chanel suit on the Caribbean cruise next week, but it definitely got me thinking even more about fall fashion – in the middle of July – than I already am (believe me, that’s an endless struggle for me living and dying in the Texas heat, ick!).


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Dear Audrey…

I must say, as a journalist I read a lot of literature. From blogs to magazines to papers to books (both fiction and nonfiction), I really do consume a lot of written word. Sam Wassoon’s book Fifth Avenue, 5 AM is certainly some of the most captivating prose I’ve come across of late. He takes the world of 1950s film, the rise of Audrey Hepburn as an actress and fashion icon, and the evolution of screenwriting and film production and turns it into a page-turning novel. The table of contents not only sets up the way Wassoon places events in chronology, but gives the reader a cast. He brings Audrey Hepburn, Truman Capote, Hubert de Givenchy, Henry Mancini, George Axelrod and all other major players to life even before page one. It’s a spectacular display, in all honesty, it’s a piece of art I couldn’t put down.

I’ve been a fan of Audrey for some time now, my favorite movie (of hers, and in general) is Funny Face. However, after reading this book, which focuses on everything that brought Breakfast at Tiffany’s to life, I watched the movie from a different perspective and love it far more than I did the first time I saw it. Audrey is the wallpaper on my phone, a poster on my wall, and in my movie collection. She was absolutely elegant to watch on the screen. Her poise, her gait, her smirks all embody a femininity that I think has become lost, and one that I would love to see revived. I also really love – after having read this book – that she was an accidental fashion icon, Audrey and fashion sort of happened into each other, neither really sought the other out, which is really endearing to me.

I should also add, that now (actually I had been planning on this all along, but my decision has been recently reinforced) I am definitely going to be Holly Golightly for Halloween this year. And I can’t wait.

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My life as a beauty aisle guinea pig (part deux)

Perhaps this post should actually be titled: My journey to find the perfect lip stain. Because that seems to be more apt.

A few posts back (ok maybe several) I wrote about trying the new Cover Girl eye shadow product and mentioned the possibility of trying out the new Revlon Just Bitten Colorstay Lipstain +Balm. Well folks, that time has come.Last week I took a trip to Ulta because the weekly circular had a promotion on Revlon products, the time had come. It comes in ten colors so far. I already have three of them. I initially bought Frenzy and Twilight because they looked like colors I would wear day in and day out. After taking them home and testing them out, I was mildly disappointed and incredibly impressed with the results all at once.

The application of the lipstain is miraculous! Whereas the Cover Girl lipstain feels like a half dried-out marker, the Revlon lipstain marker feels brand new and full of color. The balm on the opposite end goes on easy peasy and, as a true testament to the colorstay quality of the stain, the white balm remains pearly white after gliding on over the stain. Perfecto!

My mild disappointment stems from the colors. They hardly match the advertised color in the store. I found Frenzy and Twilight to both be very bold and formal – great for a statement lip, but not so great for day to day wear. I decided that because the product is such a success in my book, buying a third tube would be no biggie. At the drugstore I decided to pick the color Jessica Biel wears in the visual: Passion. It kind of looks like a pink highlighter. I’m usually not a bright pink makeup kind of girl, I just don’t have the complexion for it, but I had this incredible gut feeling about Passion being ab fab. (Also, the pink highlighter reference made me realize that this lipstain + balm reminds me of the Post It highlighter and pen duo, which I can’t say I don’t love!).

Anyway, the Passion color (pictured way above), when applied instantly reminds me of Katy Perry’s new song ‘California Girls’, which is now playing in my head on repeat. Another I can’t say I hate. So for a great summer color that is totally wearable day-to-day, pick Passion. It’s girly and fresh looking. I kind of feel like Barbie wearing it, and who wouldn’t love to be Barbie?!

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My desert island list

Every time I run out of a beauty product I pause and think about how badly I really need to replace it – would it make my desert island list of my five most essential beauty products? (I also wonder this when I read celebrity interviews and the celebrity reveals their ‘can’t-live-without-it’ item). So with no further adieu, here goes.

5. Tweezers
My tweezerman tweezers are perfect for plucking the arrant eyebrow hair between semi-regular waxings (which, let’s face it, are being spaced farther and farther apart because of my money situation). Tweezerman makes tweezing fun with all of the cute colors and designs you can choose from for your pair. I got mine at Sephora for $25 a year or two ago and I love it!4. Eyelash Curler.
To be perfectly blunt about it, this is the best $5 I’ve ever spent. In my wildest dreams I couldn’t have dreamt up a better eyelash curler than this one from Sephora. On my previous blog I recounted the tail of how I lost half of the eyelashes on my left eye and feared using any eyelash curler ever again until I met this harmless little fellow. It needs replacing about every eight to nine months, but it’s a price I’m happy to pay for such a great tool.
3. Mascara.
I swear by the line of Benefit cosmetics. I am in love, love, love with the BADgal lash mascara. Since Benefit is owned by LVMH along with a hoard of other brands, like Dior beauty products, the BADgal lash mascara is a strikingly similar formula to the DiorShow mascara. For five dollars less. That’s not a huge price difference, but like I said, I swear by the line of Benefit cosmetics. But for my cruise in August I’m going to need a waterproof mascara (I don’t prefer it, but the situation will most definitely require it) so I’ll go back to my drugstore fav: Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express waterproof – the best drugstore mascara in both waterproof and non, in my opinion.
2. Powder Bronzer.
Notoriously pale as I am, powder bronzer is a year-long staple for me in order to bring some warmth to my face. Disclaimer: I do not use my bronzer to turn orange. Right now I’m using Lancome Star Bronzer Poudre Soleil, $36.50 at Sephora and department stores. To give you an idea of the longevity of the product and the way I use it, I bought this product around Christmas and I have yet to see the bottom of the compact (!). I use the powder after concealer – or after foundation, which I rarely use because I don’t like to bury my face in products.
1. Cherry Chapstick
In fact if I could only live with one beauty product for the rest of my life it would be Cherry Chapstick. I hate, hate, hate the way gloss makes lips feel sticky and, well, I just never got on the lipstick bandwagon. So Cherry Chapstick has been my go-to item forever. I probably have a tube in every one of my purses so I’m never anywhere without it, I even had tubes on my nightstand, in my pencilbag (journalist, I’m never anywhere without at least a pen or a pencil on me…) and other odd places.

And the runners-up: a good brush set, moisturizer and Dove shampoo/conditioner. Also, for the record, my desert island reading material is the Harry Potter series, I’m pretty sure I’ll never tire of it (I’ve just finished re-reading the Deathly Hallows since the trailer just came out!).

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