My desert island list

Every time I run out of a beauty product I pause and think about how badly I really need to replace it – would it make my desert island list of my five most essential beauty products? (I also wonder this when I read celebrity interviews and the celebrity reveals their ‘can’t-live-without-it’ item). So with no further adieu, here goes.

5. Tweezers
My tweezerman tweezers are perfect for plucking the arrant eyebrow hair between semi-regular waxings (which, let’s face it, are being spaced farther and farther apart because of my money situation). Tweezerman makes tweezing fun with all of the cute colors and designs you can choose from for your pair. I got mine at Sephora for $25 a year or two ago and I love it!4. Eyelash Curler.
To be perfectly blunt about it, this is the best $5 I’ve ever spent. In my wildest dreams I couldn’t have dreamt up a better eyelash curler than this one from Sephora. On my previous blog I recounted the tail of how I lost half of the eyelashes on my left eye and feared using any eyelash curler ever again until I met this harmless little fellow. It needs replacing about every eight to nine months, but it’s a price I’m happy to pay for such a great tool.
3. Mascara.
I swear by the line of Benefit cosmetics. I am in love, love, love with the BADgal lash mascara. Since Benefit is owned by LVMH along with a hoard of other brands, like Dior beauty products, the BADgal lash mascara is a strikingly similar formula to the DiorShow mascara. For five dollars less. That’s not a huge price difference, but like I said, I swear by the line of Benefit cosmetics. But for my cruise in August I’m going to need a waterproof mascara (I don’t prefer it, but the situation will most definitely require it) so I’ll go back to my drugstore fav: Maybelline Colossal Volum’ Express waterproof – the best drugstore mascara in both waterproof and non, in my opinion.
2. Powder Bronzer.
Notoriously pale as I am, powder bronzer is a year-long staple for me in order to bring some warmth to my face. Disclaimer: I do not use my bronzer to turn orange. Right now I’m using Lancome Star Bronzer Poudre Soleil, $36.50 at Sephora and department stores. To give you an idea of the longevity of the product and the way I use it, I bought this product around Christmas and I have yet to see the bottom of the compact (!). I use the powder after concealer – or after foundation, which I rarely use because I don’t like to bury my face in products.
1. Cherry Chapstick
In fact if I could only live with one beauty product for the rest of my life it would be Cherry Chapstick. I hate, hate, hate the way gloss makes lips feel sticky and, well, I just never got on the lipstick bandwagon. So Cherry Chapstick has been my go-to item forever. I probably have a tube in every one of my purses so I’m never anywhere without it, I even had tubes on my nightstand, in my pencilbag (journalist, I’m never anywhere without at least a pen or a pencil on me…) and other odd places.

And the runners-up: a good brush set, moisturizer and Dove shampoo/conditioner. Also, for the record, my desert island reading material is the Harry Potter series, I’m pretty sure I’ll never tire of it (I’ve just finished re-reading the Deathly Hallows since the trailer just came out!).


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