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OOTD: Volume 3, accessorize yourself

Long overdue, but here is my..11th outfit at my new job. Can I take a moment to talk about how much I love infinity scarves? Because I really do. In fact I wish I had more (this one is my only one, but luckily it goes with everything in my closet!). My favorite part of this outfit though, isn’t what’s happening around my neck. Here’s a detail shot:

Tights, H&M; Boots, Nine West

Since in the winter I repeat outfits a lot, tights are a major way I mix things up. When Missoni for Target happened (and I got left in the dust) I missed out on a really cool and funky pair of zig-zag tights. Fast forward a few weeks and I’m rummaging through H&M to find things for my Halloween costume – be still, my heart! – I found a pair of tights so strikingly similar and definitely not¬†sold out that I just had to snatch them up.


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Working girl

Today is a great day! A fantastic day! A mega-uber important day! Today I got a job offer, and as predicated by a previous post, I rewarded myself with a brand-spanking-new-grown-up-professional time piece (aka a fancy schmancy watch).

Michael Kors Horn Jet Set Watch, $195

I know I said I wanted the rose gold watch, but after closer inspection of my tastes this acrylic horn link watch is a better match (I think Patti Stanger would be proud). The cream color is a complement to my entire wardrobe and will work well in every season. The mother-of-pearl face is perfect for day-to-night.

Since I am now gainfully employed, expect a third volume of OOTDs to start Monday – complete with my favorite new accessory. Until then!

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8-inch whaaat?

Don’t these look like a museum piece? They look like they belong in a glass box on a pedestal in a room full of tourists with cameras, because they just can’t be real! But it seems in fact they are – if you can bid high enough. And only one man could have created these red-soled beauts. These silk and Swarovski crystal adorned ballet-inspired stilts are the brain child of none other than the the genius cobbler himself, Christian Louboutin. Oh yeah, and they’re 8 inch heels.¬†Clearly these aren’t meant to be worn, but that doesn’t keep my feet from shaking in their boots at the sight of them. I spent many of my teen years stuffing my feet into pointe shoes – not too dissimilar from these – and then danced in them, but they gets cramps at the sight of these. And while you want to cry when you think about a day of work in these shoes, you secretly want to see footage of a model falling in them don’t you? Yeah, me too. It’s ok.

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The real world

Since I start my senior year at Baylor on Monday, the real world is starting to seem a lot scarier than just a tired reality show. And with so many of my close friends already there, mostly unemployed, I’m shaking in my boots. But, I’m trying to stay positive…

It’s no secret that I did some freelancing this summer (links to published stories are at the bottom of this post!). After getting more bylines than I originally anticipated – thanks Stephanie and Jenny! – I decided to invest some of the money in my future. Since I’ll be going on interviews for my spring internship and then interning at a great magazine and then, hopefully, interviewing for a real job, I need a business/professional handbag. As a college student my all of my handbags are either tiny bags perfect for going out (they can carry my phone, chapstick, keys, cards and little else) or giant totes that can carry my laptop and spirals for class. Neither really says “I’m ready for a salaried position on your magazine.”

This large leather satchel from Ann Taylor, however, means business. The leather is soft and supple. The turn latch clicks when you switch it. And it’s spacious enough for just what I need – no more and no less. When I’m in an interview I think this handbag will speak volumes without stealing the show. I think one of my favorite things about it is the lack of designer label. There is not a single identifying name or set of initials that would tip someone off as to how much I dropped on it. And it’s about to be mine; I bought it online yesterday and can’t wait for it to arrive at my apartment. Because I might have an interview with one of my favorite magazines to look forward to in the near future, and I want to make sure I don’t have the wrong bag in tow to give off the wrong opinion.

My freelance articles:
Grapevine teen designs and sells her own jewelry line
Back to school looks that make the grade

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Prudence Millinery and SATC

I’m home and glad to be. Back in the country where I don’t have to pay for wifi (at least not where I sleep), I don’t get charged close to $5 for a drink with my meal and where one dollar is a note, not a coin. And because of that first reason, I now have time to post more blogs (all together now: yay!) about my trip and the general things I would post about anyway.

But back to my European excursion. In London we met with Prudence, of Prudence Millinery. She makes couture hats and is often commissioned by designers when they want couture hats for their collections. Prudence has done hats for Vivienne Westwood and Yves Saint Laurent. She also designs freelance for magazines and works with other designers when they seek her expertise. Her hats are featured most often in Italian Vogue, Chinese Vogue and Japanese Vogue as well as French Elle. The above image is actually Prudence’s first magazine cover, Italian Vogue in 1990 with Linda Evangelista (currently the face of Ann Taylor).

While hats don’t seem to be the current fashion obsession, some would argue that Sex and the City is. So in the spirit of all things SATC (because let’s face it, my blog seems to be dedicated to it of late), I thought it would be fun to mention that Prudence’s hats have been in both the first and second movie. In the first movie I am so far only aware that her hats were featured in the Vivienne Westwood show the four leading ladies attend. One of our guides, a personal friend of Prudence’s, told us a story I presume she was too humble to share. Sam told us that Pat Fields came into her showroom to see hats and just ate them up, taking loads of them with her for the SATC2 wardrobe. Having now seen the new release, since I’m back in the states and all, I noticed how many hats the women wore. Being in Abu Dhabi (ahem, Morocco) and wanting to have the ladies don some fancy headdresses to fit in with the culture, there were more than a few hats. All of them stunning in their own way. Here’s a still from the film where all four women have something fetching on their head. I can’t help but imagine that these are the products of Prudence’s handiwork. Especially after having seen how varied her talent is and the range of her millinery abilities.

On an almost complete side note: after seeing SATC2 I no longer feel bad about my desire for a sapphire instead of the traditional diamond. Big gave Carrie a black diamond because she’s not like other girls. Well neither am I, because I don’t care to sport a diamond when I find the right guy. I’ll buck tradition just a little.

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I’m really not a fan of the s-word, but…

What do I have in common with the new ‘Schitbag’?

Before I get to the actual and kind of embarrassing handbag that this post is about I’d like to share an anecdote from my past. Back in the day I was a band nerd. During the marching season I was in the color guard (captain for two years, thank you very much) and during the concert season I played the clarinet. When you play a concert instrument there is this thing called solo and ensemble competition, perhaps you’ve heard of it. Well, I’ve always thought I had a fairly under-the-radar last name. Schmitz. It’s neither common nor embarrassing, although it does tend to get mispronounced fairly often. So in the eighth grade I was practicing my rockin’ clarinet solo for solo and ensemble competition. When it came time to show off all of my hard work I went to the check in table. The boys working the table were snickering about something. I walked up, pointed to my name on the list, and they tried to hide their laughing, but the poor things couldn’t. Apparently my name, ‘Schmitz’, was not on the list, but my name minus one letter was. You’re thinking right. ‘Schmitz’ might not have been on their list, but ‘Schitz’ sure was. They asked me how I pronounced my last name, really hoping it was pronounced the way they were imagining. I had lots of fun crushing their little eighth grade crude joke thoughts.

So now that you know what I have in common with the new Schitbag, what is a schitbag? Apparently it’s a fanny pack with a shoulder strap. Um, what? As reported by the New York Mag Cut blog, the press release for this new … catastrophe (?) of a handbag is calling it “The new status purse.” I guess all we really know about this bag is that they must not have used focus groups. I’m pretty sure if they had, this bag would 1) not exist in it’s current form and 2) have a different name.


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