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My fall reading list (when I’m rich and famous)

In honor of National Read A Book Day (at least that’s what twitter tells me), I’ll post this picture. For the month of August, the shelf above my desk/cubicle looked roughly like this. Jealous? Yeah, me too.

While I might not be awesome enough to actually get to keep all of these amazingly beautiful books, I did get to write about them for – check out my story here!

I think this has been my favorite assignment for so far, even though unlike the others it didn’t become the main story of the day. Don’t get me wrong, I have in mind which books I’d keep if given the opportunity, but you’ll just have to guess. In the meantime read my article!


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Is Sephora Santa’s lesser-known daughter?

Because after this uh-mazing deal I found, I’m beginning to think it’s more likely.

The other day I made a more than necessary trip to Sephora to pick up some more BADgal lash mascara (benefit, $19) and another Sephora eye lash curler (Sephora, $5). I managed to also walk away with one of Tarte’s LipSurgence Natural Matte Lip Stain (in Envy, $24) – still on my quest to find the superior lip stain (more on that later). While in line to check out, amidst their other last minute items I was almost tempted to buy the NARS lip gloss/lip stain duo – usually $36, currently $10!!

Based on my other purchases it may be a surprise that I turn my nose to some products and brands due to price (in this case, too high), but NARS is usually a little too far above my radar. So imagine my surprise when I stumble upon this incredible lip duo for such a shockingly low price! I had to do a literal double take. I immediately got out of line so I could try the product. (Caveat: I’m not much of a gloss person because nine times out of ten it’s way too sticky and goopy and thick). Thinking back on it right now, I can’t really think of why I didn’t buy it on the spot. Probably because I was already spending over $50 when the original plan was about half that (remember the Tarte lip stain? that wasn’t on my radar for the trip). But now I’m seriously doubting my sanity in that moment. My advice to anyone with a less level head on their shoulders: give in to your more base instincts and spring for this NARS lip-duo, it’s one of the better beauty deals you’ll come across this December.

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OPI razzle dazzles

It’s no secret that I’m taken with Burlesque. I’ve seen it twice and wouldn’t need arm-twisting to see it a few more times. A more recent development is my affinity for the new Burlesque inspired color collection from OPI. With names like ‘Teas-y does it,’ ‘Sparkle-icious,’Let me entertain you,’ and Extra-va-ganza’ these 12 colors are perfect for holiday nails and toes. Now that I’m done with finals I’ll buy a bottle (or three) and celebrate the end of said finals – along with the fuschia streak me and my girlfriends put in our hair.

A bottle or two from this collection is a great stocking stuffer idea for anyone – myself included. The sparklier the better 🙂

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When I move to NY…

My fingers will more than likely freeze unless I have some gloves. My mom thinks I should invest in a pair of glittens so I can text in the cold weather (she’s so considerate, and knows me too well…). So we picked up a pair today at Target, but these are cuter and require less work to wear. And they’re cuter. Like, way cuter. And from Anthropologie (seriously, where’s the bad?!) for $38. Is someone in your life moving to a colder climate or already living in one? Consider this as a thoughtful and fashionable option. Or if you need a fab Secret Santa gift idea, this will more than suffice.

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Me as Holly Golightly

I promise, this will be my last gift idea post inspired by If you know me well, you know I went as Holly Golightly for Halloween this year (photo at the bottom of this post, I apologize that this photo does not adequately capture my costume, I really went all out). If you know me well, you also know that I must wear a sleep mask to bed. It’s sort of a long story how that began, but the point is, this particular sleep mask is freakin’ adorable and $14 – by now you know I’m going to say it’s a perfect stocking stuffer idea, so chime in if you like.

Here’s the sleep mask circa 1961.

Here’s me this Halloween, as promised (I so wish I had a better picture to show off my costume, I did Audrey proud!).

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Gadgets for xmas

I can’t get enough of Honestly this is practical and cute. I can’t count to you the number of times a day I wish my laptop had more USB outlets (I swear, two is not enough!). Wish granted. For $22 this also makes a fantastic stocking stuffer idea *wink, wink* for anyone in your life who, like me, suffers this same conundrum frequently.

I really wonder if my loved ones read this blog. If not, this time of year is an excellent time to start since I can be a hard person to shop for…

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For the stocking

To any of my friends or cousins who still don’t know what to get me: look no further! At only $12 this fashion origami set is way too presh! Thanks, for hooking me up with this website. Expect several other gift ideas to come from because I can’t get enough of the little trinkets on the site. But really, I’m not kidding about this one. With 120 sheets of origami paper and a 20-page instruction book (I have no clue how many origamis that makes), oh my gosh, I can’t stand how cute it is! Seriously, if this isn’t a cute and cheap stocking stuffer, I don’t know what is. Move over, Starbucks card.

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