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Pitbull + Lanvin = WIN!

Dancing (ahem, flailing) models? Check.

Alber Elbaz joining in at the end? Yes, please!

I like it more than the stop-action movie campaign Lanvin did for spring 2011. While that one was on-trend ad-wise, this one has a sense of humor and you can totally tell everyone is enjoying themselves in the process. I bet they even went out line-dancing afterwards. Ok, maybe not. But this campaign is fresh and fun and I hope to see more designers taking their ad campaigns in a similar direction. I can’t wait until this starts popping up as an ad on the side of various blogs – I’ll actually watch it rather than muting it, or turning it off altogether.

Looking forward to spring 2012!

P.S. My Baylor peeps (ehh.. that doesn’t work, does it?) will understand how much I love this because it reminds me of All University SING! This could totally be the first minute of an awkward fraternity act – the moves are spot on!


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Hermoine Granger and Haute Couture

Watching Emma Watson grow up with Hermoine Granger is only second to watching her grow up in the fashion industry over the last decade. From wearing Chanel (lots and lots of Chanel), to modeling for Burberry, to now stunning the masses in a straight-off-the-runway Oscar de la Renta silver and gray pouf, she’s the fashion ingenue of the early 2000s . Swapping the fur coat for the white blazer takes it to a whole new level of chic that would usually involve some kind of magic – I suspect she left her wand at home for this. Everything from the hair, the makeup, that signature left-lip-curl-instead-of-a-smile thing she does for the camera is absolute perfection. I can’t wait to see what her other premiere ensembles look like – NYC in T (minus) 3 days.

J.K. Rowling also wore Oscar, although I personally wished she’d worn the pink shrug (can you call it that?) that accompanied it on the runway.

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Fashion Week

After skimming WWD online articles, I think Alerta Ferretti has my favorite collection for fall 2011. She took the retro colors from this spring, gave them life for fall and placed them on mod-60s silhouettes. Trapeze dresses galore! I’m not crazy about velvet leggings (but I really hate velvet, so…), but everything else about what she did for fall is perfection. Retro jewel tones? Yes, please! Baroque-but-not-really-baroque inspired large prints? Uh, huh! Asymmetrical sleeves? You bet! Layering dress/tunics over pants? All the time! Check it out.

Alberta Ferretti Fall 2011 Ready-to-WearAlberta Ferretti Fall 2011 Ready-to-WearAlberta Ferretti Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

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Days 2 & 3, Spring 2011 is white hot!

The countdown to a Fashion Night Out when I get to participate is finally down to zero. Next year when September 9 or 10 comes around, I will be out enjoying the festivities rather than sitting in Waco reading all about it on my twitter feed. I can’t wait!

Jason Wu
The wide-legged trouser and short predominated Wu’s spring/summer 2011 collection, which I can best describe as a day and night collection. Smart geek-chic suits and day dresses complemented by a smattering of evening and cocktail dresses.
BCBG Max Azria
Simplicity ruled at BCBG, which was all about pushing boundaries this time last year with alluring cutouts and sheer. For spring/summer 2011 the dresses are mostly white, airy and almost nymph-like. I like the dramatic shift in point of view.

Jill Stuart
Natural makeup with a dramatic red lip. Hair in a messy bun. The reviewer used the phrase “whimsical romance” to describe Stuart’s new collection. I would add that there are very obvious and quaint pastoral influences. All in all it’s a remarkably pleasant collection. It doesn’t push the envelope, but isn’t off-putting either. I rather like it.
Alexander Wang
Another designer who took a departure from their last spring collection into the white. After hearing all about the carnival at his party, I half expected A Wang’s collection to be much more lively. Albeit, there are metallics and pastels splashed on this collection. All of this was fine, but the chunky knits for spring left me scratching my head. I think I much preferred last year’s schoolyard-inspired line. I did like the shoes, though!
Prabal Gurung
The long skirt returneth. Unlike the Voluminous A-lines inspired by the 1950s for this fall, Prabal Gurung practices planned obsolescence by bringing the skirt closer to the leg. The mid-calf length was also seen on the trousers in this collection, perhaps something to take note of in other collections.

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The happiest time of the year

On yesterday’s first day of NYFW, I got the treat of reading the Thursday Styles section in the NYT (which has always been available to me on campus, but this year it is available in the journalism department, an oversight in past years that has been rectified). The entire section did a wonderful job of both amping my excitement and instigating my jealousy that I could barely focus on class. This one article really made me wish I was there on the upper west side in the middle of all the action: Marshaling Fashion’s Troops.

In recent years fashion week has brought the elite and everyone else closer with the use of Twitter, bloggers and a smattering of live streaming now enters the next realm with far more live streaming than last season. Too bad I was in class all day and couldn’t partake, le sigh. Without further ado, here I go reviewing what I missed because I was sitting in a desk taking notes all day.

Christian Siriano
I’m always impressed with the air of sophistication that comes with Christian’s collections. I know with Christian that I can always expect refined looks in a controlled color story with luxe materials. Spring/summer 2011 did a fantastic job of incorporating subtle ruffles into most designs. However, I do feel like every one of his collections has an evening dress in almost the same silhouette, this time it was look 38. Still stunning and remarkable, but now it’s come to be expected. One thing I also expect – but love! – is how Christian’s last few looks always up the drama.

Richard Chai Love
Clicking through this collection on (how great is it that ads are on the side and don’t interrupt clicking through the images anymore?!) I felt a strong middle eastern influence with the billowing layers and slouchiness, like Jasmine’s wardrobe if Disney had a fashion illustrator on the animation team. However, with the number of sheer pieces, which were stunning, any woman wearing a burqa in this style would be shot dead in her tracks. Another reason being Richard Chai’s layers highlight a woman’s chest, which keeping it completely underwraps. It’s kind of genius.

Vena Cava
Color blocking and a slightly country take on tribal is the best way I can describe this collection from Vena Cava. The color blocking is down extremely well, so that the pieces from this line will be highly covetable, but it looks as though some pieces might not work for women with hips. Those looks are best left on the models (who even look a little hippy strutting them).

I’m really excited for this particular round of fashion weeks because I can’t wait to see how my forecasting project from last semester is going to pan out. I already see small hints of my forecast coming out and I can’t wait for more!

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Spectator art

The newest episode of Project Runway might go down in history as being my favorite challenge. In all honesty really could have cared less about the designs, I could have spent an hour and a half admiring the Philip Treacy creations. Seriously, they are stunning! And in fact, let’s just call this one of my “When I’m rich and famous” posts, because let’s be real, I would die for some art like this.

While watching this episode I couldn’t help but be transported back to early June when I met with Prudence of Prudence Millinery, also out of London. That meeting a few months ago is the reason I’m so interested in millinery as an art form. The couture hats are pieces of art, I really wish they were more accessible. Actually I take that back, their status and accessibility is probably one reason they are so eye-catching: they aren’t common in daily life. Especially not on a college campus. Take a few moments to be mesmerized.

Forget fingernail sculptures, millinery is the innovative sculpture art of the moment. At least in my opinion. Check out for more shots of his artwork.

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“It’s Chanel…”

I just found my favorite web video. Ever. And also another reason to love Joe Zee.

After watching (I pray you did), is it not your new favorite thing ever?!? I think taking ridiculous Paris fashion to the streets of NY has got to be genius. Obviously if anyone ever wore that Chewbacca suit expecting to be taken seriously, well they wouldn’t, but that’s not the point. This video has us laughing with fashion, but not at it. Also, did you hear the music? Tres Perfect! This video has me inspired, which is exactly what fashion is meant to do. I’m not saying I’m inspired to take Joe Zee’s chewbacca Chanel suit on the Caribbean cruise next week, but it definitely got me thinking even more about fall fashion – in the middle of July – than I already am (believe me, that’s an endless struggle for me living and dying in the Texas heat, ick!).

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