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How to… layer stripes!

infinity scarf and sweater, LOFT; leather jacket, Michael Kors

The mixing of prints as a style has become increasingly popular in the last few seasons, so here’s my take on the trend. I wanted to play with the layering these stripes in the way that would be most pleasing to the eye (like Carrie Bradshaw, see below). Playing with the scale of the pattern is important when mixing any prints, which is why my scarf has wider stripes and my sweater has thinner stripes. And even though my scarf and sweater are both knits, since the scarf has metallic fibers it adds a different texture to the ensemble, giving the whole look more interest. ¬†And lastly I chose different, but complementary colors (even though Carrie didn’t) to create even more visual interest

Carrie's version

Since layering prints has become such a mega-trend right now, I took inspiration from Carrie’s flight-to-Paris outfit. Since she paired vertical and horizontal stripes of different sizes, in the same color combinations, her take works more than equally well (because I’m more than slightly jealous of her striped rose applique).


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Prudence Millinery and SATC

I’m home and glad to be. Back in the country where I don’t have to pay for wifi (at least not where I sleep), I don’t get charged close to $5 for a drink with my meal and where one dollar is a note, not a coin. And because of that first reason, I now have time to post more blogs (all together now: yay!) about my trip and the general things I would post about anyway.

But back to my European excursion. In London we met with Prudence, of Prudence Millinery. She makes couture hats and is often commissioned by designers when they want couture hats for their collections. Prudence has done hats for Vivienne Westwood and Yves Saint Laurent. She also designs freelance for magazines and works with other designers when they seek her expertise. Her hats are featured most often in Italian Vogue, Chinese Vogue and Japanese Vogue as well as French Elle. The above image is actually Prudence’s first magazine cover, Italian Vogue in 1990 with Linda Evangelista (currently the face of Ann Taylor).

While hats don’t seem to be the current fashion obsession, some would argue that Sex and the City is. So in the spirit of all things SATC (because let’s face it, my blog seems to be dedicated to it of late), I thought it would be fun to mention that Prudence’s hats have been in both the first and second movie. In the first movie I am so far only aware that her hats were featured in the Vivienne Westwood show the four leading ladies attend. One of our guides, a personal friend of Prudence’s, told us a story I presume she was too humble to share. Sam told us that Pat Fields came into her showroom to see hats and just ate them up, taking loads of them with her for the SATC2 wardrobe. Having now seen the new release, since I’m back in the states and all, I noticed how many hats the women wore. Being in Abu Dhabi (ahem, Morocco) and wanting to have the ladies don some fancy headdresses to fit in with the culture, there were more than a few hats. All of them stunning in their own way. Here’s a still from the film where all four women have something fetching on their head. I can’t help but imagine that these are the products of Prudence’s handiwork. Especially after having seen how varied her talent is and the range of her millinery abilities.

On an almost complete side note: after seeing SATC2 I no longer feel bad about my desire for a sapphire instead of the traditional diamond. Big gave Carrie a black diamond because she’s not like other girls. Well neither am I, because I don’t care to sport a diamond when I find the right guy. I’ll buck tradition just a little.

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Zandra Rhodes

Still on our fashion jaunt through Europe, one of our appointments yesterday took us to Zandra Rhodes’s office.

For British fashion, when it comes to prints Zandra Rhodes is the master. She’s had her brand for well over 30 years and remains strong in the niche market she has created. Her small team works to produce some of the most interesting and unique prints found today. She does all of her prints, which are inspired by the sketches she does on her many world travels, on silk chiffon primarily (I know I just split that infinitive, but I like it). She’s done collections inspired by banana leaves, Mexican sombreros, Egyptian hieroglyphics and even the Texas sun. Her lines consist of mostly tops, dresses and kaftans that are constructed to flatter women of all sizes.

At our appointment we met with Ben. Since Zandra was trained in textile design and designs all of the prints for the textiles in her collections, Ben designs the shapes and garments for the collections. He went through many of her past prints, some from the 70s and 80s and some from last season. He even showed us a top that Sarah Jessica Parker wore in Sex and the City (he believes it is the episode in which she meets Aleksander Petrovsky, I would check if I brought the series with me)!!! And, of course, the intense SATC buff that I am, I immediately recognized the garment as something I saw her wear. But then something magical happened: he let us try on the garments we had just been looking at. He wanted us to have fun and play dress up like we were 7 years old again. It was so much fun, and a great way to brighten the dreariest London day.

You wouldn’t think I’d try that top on without documenting it?? Here I am in the SJP/SATC top!

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The Carrie Diaries (part deux)*

*This is in no way a spoiler!

I know I literally posted about The Carrie Diaries than 48 hours ago, but the book is a must-read for any true Sex and the City fan. I couldn’t put it down. The ending is a total cliffhanger and I’m already aching for the next book, which isn’t due out until April 2011.

Also, it now makes sense to me why Teen Vogue got to publish the excerpt. It really is a book written to a teenaged-girl audience, but for Carrie fans at heart. The next book may or may not be quite as teen appropriate, but this one is just coming-of-age enough to work for the high school-aged female. It’s like a teen magazine in adult-ish novel. It touches on a young girl’s anxieties about having sex, dealing with frenemies, applying to college, prom drama and finding your voice. It doesn’t deal too much in fashion (I anticipate the next one will delve more into that), but I really want to see the Carrie bag.

The books and this whole prequel business really makes me wonder: if these Carrie Diaries were published before the series was created, would Carrie’s family have had any role in the show? I’m sure Candace Bushnell purposefully chose names that had not been mentioned before so that there would be absolutely no confusion whatsoever.

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The Carrie Diaries

With summer here it’s time for me to start going through all of this semester’s magazines. I started with Teen Vogue and forgave the ed board for putting Miley on the cover for the second time in literally one year, lest we forget (May 2009, April 2010, tsk tsk). Inside the April 2010 issue is an excerpt from Candace Bushnell’s new book, The Carrie Diaries.

A little background.

When it comes to all things Sex and the City, I’m there. For instance, I own the entire series¬† and watch episodes whenever I feel like it, saw the first movie on opening day in New York (!), own the movie, read the Candace Bushnell book and even have the Sex and the City: Kiss and Tell book. I will see the second movie, although since I’ll be in Paris when it opens stateside, that will probably not happen opening day and it certainly won’t happen in New York.

Fast forward back to the now.

And now that Candace Bushnell’s first prequel to Sex and the City, The Carrie Diaries is out (and now that I’m done with my hardest semester ever, and made it out with a 3.9!), you better believe I’ve picked myself up a copy and am ready to lie next to my pool and drink it all in. I can’t think of a better way to reward my hard work.

Also, I really love the Stephen Sprouse design for the cover. This is truly one of the best book covers I’ve seen in a while.

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