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The cost of internships

Want to work as an intern for Donatella Versace? Sure, it’s a great name to put on a resume, and you even get a t-shirt and bottle of perfume. Sounds like a deal right? It can be yours for $20,000. You pay her. It is for an entire semester, and you would get to go to a fashion show and a meet-and-greet with Donatella. For $20,000. Yeah, my jaw is still on the ground too.

But she’s not alone.

Anna Wintour similarly auctioned off a one-week internship at the Vogue offices. Earlier this week the bidding was at $13,000. It closed at $42,500. Blasphemy, right?! You would think that after seeing The Devil Wears Prada no one would pay for a one-week stint. That’s no where near an entire year! And probably costs more than Andy Sachs got paid. Yeah, ponder that for a moment. And let your mind explode.

On my soapbox:

After one unpaid internship summer in NY my parents are extremely reluctant to let me apply for internships in magazine mecca unless they are paid (and stipends, like the one you’d get at Conde Nast, will not cut it). Since paid internships in this biz are so hard to come by, they get significantly more applicants and become harder to attain. I have some great experience on my resume, but sometimes it’s just not enough. Plus summer is the season when internships are in the highest demand.  So why do Donatella and Anna think that their internships are worth any money at all.

And I haven’t even touched the ethical issues here!

Paying for a position completely cheapens it. It cheapens the experience you’re getting and it cheapens the internship on your resume because you didn’t earn the internship, you paid for it. Who is going to look at that on your resume and think you’re more than just a rich kid who can throw money around to get what they want?

And this brings me to ‘The City’ from the other night. My first time watching and I have mixed feelings. In this same vein, I really wonder why Olivia is still at Elle if all she does is act self-righteous and produce mediocre work for the website (yes, I’m referring to the interview with Anna Sui). Le sigh. I’m now very thankful for the Media Law and Ethics course I’m finishing up this semester because I can recognize situations like these that are more than a little fishy. Oh and while I was watching Tuesday’s episode of ‘The City’ I was flipping through my most recent Elles and could not find Olivia’s name on the masthead for either the print or online versions of the mag. Interesante indeed.

So maybe all internships cost us in the end is our dignity. Until they turn into a full-time gig. Thankfully after both of my internships, my dignity and integrity are both still very much intact and I’m grateful for the (unpaid) experiences I’ve landed. And I’ll keep you posted for where I end up this summer, it’s still somewhat up in the air.


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‘The City’ & me

For the record I’ve never watched a single episode of ‘The Hills’ or ‘The City’ and I don’t even know what channel MTV is on my television. However, after seeing this preview courtesy of the Elle Fashion Blogs, I may need to change my ways.

My twitter was abuzz with people talking about Joe Zee being on the show that small parts of me regret not having been taken into the show’s trance. Well, I think I’m about to cave. Is it bad that I could care less about the characters most people in my demographic (college-aged female, not aspiring fashion mag editor) tune in for? I’m being attracted to the show because of Joe Zee and Kelly Cutrone. I don’t think so. Like any good journalist I investigated and found a previous trailer for this season and was a little disappointed because Joe and Kelly didn’t seem to have as big a role in the second trailer showed me. Let’s just say I’m still skeptical and tonight will just be a trial run as to whether or not I’ll become a loyal (however, not obsessed) viewer.

Tonight will host the first episode of the second season on MTV at 9:30 CT. The show is very lucky it doesn’t run during Glee, at least when it comes to my viewership. Here goes.

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SATC and Skyy Vodka

Skyy Vodka will have a limited release bottle in conjunction with SATC2. Even though I’m newly 21, I’ve not gotten into the craze of keeping all of the bottles I go through (because I haven’t actually gone through any bottles of anything worth keeping), but let me tell you, I would keep this one for life! I don’t even really like vodka, but I would drop the cash for this bottle, designed by Pat Field herself. broke the story, I’m merely passing on the word. If you want to see what kinds of cocktails Pat suggests mixing, follow this jump. I can’t wait to try a Park Avenue Princess, which one do you want to try first?

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H&M + Texas = maybe, maybe not

So a Fashionista article today talked about why H&M has many locations in NY, San Francisco, Pittsburgh and Atlanta, but not in my home state. Texas. Pourquoi?

Fashionista predicts that H&M would do well in Austin, but that Dallas would be apt to get the retailer first. I beg to differ, while yes, the college-aged consumer would have a great time at an Austin H&M, Dallas would be a better place to open one not only because of a bigger market, but because of a market that is better for H&M in general. The market in Dallas consumes fashion and art as a lifestyle. In Texas, Austin is known as more of a granola city than a fashion city, Dallas, however, is a fashion city. H&M would do well to open a shop at Northpark, Highland Park Village or another high traffic, high volume location.

And for your information Fashionista, in Texas, we are dying for an H&M. If you can do something to change our situation, please help!!

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I’m a goofball, even in a pretty dress

Black Diamond Formal happened this weekend. I wore that dress (photo not from formal, but courtesy of Jordan Bradley). It’s Badgely Mischka, from Gilt Groupe and my new favorite article of clothing. It is fashion and I can’t wait to wear it to some swanky event in New York! This BDF was something I won’t soon forget. Hanging out with some of my best friends at what will be one of my strongest college memories.

But more importantly there was a photobooth at the event and this happened.

I bet Mr. Badgely and Mr. Mischka never expected to have one of their dresses end up in a photobooth.

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SATC 2, Trailer #2

It took me a few days, ok a whole week, to get this up here. I must say that I like this trailer and hate it all at the same time. It gives us a deeper look at the new Carrie Bradshaw flick, but at the same time I feel like it spoils it a little. It sheds too much light. I’m almost sad I followed the link on my friend’s twitter. But that said: I totally saw Liza Minelli (it’s about time!) and Miley Cyrus (ugh…) and Aidan (ok, I already knew he was in there, but seriously, the last time we saw him he had a baby strapped to his gut). I about died of laughter in the scene with the four of them… Charlotte: “How are you going to swallow all of those?” (referring to a handful of pills) Samantha: “Have we met?”… bahahaha!! It’s just too bad it looks like Sex and (mostly another, but not enough of the New York) City. It’s fitting though, I’ll be in another city (Paris to be exact) when No. 2 goes out, so I guess it’s fitting… at least I won’t be in Waco (can I get an Amen?!).

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What’s in store for Spring/Summer 2011 + let’s catch up, k?

I’ll be upfront with you: for this post I’m plagiarizing. But it’s ok because I’m plagiarizing myself.

My absence for the last six weeks has been induced by my fashion forecasting class. So if it helps at all, my alibi still is fashion-related. My semester-long project has been forecasting the Spring/Summer 2011 for the modern contemporary woman.

This is my collage with the top five trends for the season. But you can read. I’m really looking forward to this season because A) I graduate in May 2011 and all of these all nighters will finally pay off, B) I can finally and officially move to New York City, C) one of my BFFs, Lilly, is getting married (!) and D) I look really hot in the color blue. If you like this visual piece I made for my project (it’s a summation of all the blood/sweat/tears that have gone into this semester) I can totally put up the color stories, textile stories, moods and key silhouettes I researched for the season. I don’t want to bore you, but I am damn proud of all my hard work. And the 99 I got on my color/textile/mood paper.


On another note, it has been brought to my attention of late that I am a graphic design nerd. And I’m ok with that, but let me geek out here for a second. For Christmas I got the Adobe CS4 Design Premium, yippeeee!!!, but now, a mere four months later Adobe is releasing CS5.  It looks magical. Let’s take a look, shall we? Also, please note how dreamy the narrator’s voice is.

And then finally, my other girl crush, Karlie Kloss is on the May Teen Vogue.

Oh wait, just one more thing: I realize that it’s been since February that I’ve posted, so this little nugget of excitement in my life has gone unrecognized on here. I was accepted into the Baylor in New York program for spring 2011. I’ll get to intern and take a few classes. And speaking of the internship, if I can get one with the art department at Elle and work (way) under Joe Zee, I’ll be able to die happy. Honest truth. (So Joe, if for any reason you check up on my blog, let me know if you want my resume. I would personally deliver it if I could.).

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