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My favorite Michelle

Obama, of course!

I’m coming to you live from the D terminal of an airport in southern Florida because our flight back to DFW is delayed. Because of the inches of snow accumulating back home. That’s right, it’s snowing in Dallas and I’m missing it. But more on that later.

As I’m held captive (it sure feels like it) watching all the other departing planes successfully take off I check twitter (yay free wifi – making the wait worth it). InStyle updates and posts its link to Michelle Obama’s 10 best looks of 2009. I quickly follow the link wondering who in their right mind would try and pick only ten looks and calling them best. I only find issue with this because there are far more than ten standout looks. These are some of her looks that I wish could have made that list. So we’ll call them honorable mentions.

11. Naeem Khan, 11/25/2009

Ok, well we’re finally about to board here so rather than click save and delay this post I’m going to hit publish and let something happen in a timely manner. The Naeem Khan dress she wore (above) is probaby my favorite look of Mrs. O all year and it was (let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and say mistakenly) left out of InStyle’s top ten. For shame!

Here’s hoping all of this snow hasn’t melted before I touch ground back in Texas. *Cross fingers*


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Myself, conflicted (also: in Anna’s world)

As a Merry Christmas to myself I downloaded a copy of The September Issue. And believe me, it was about time. Knowing it’s been out for several months and not seeing it was agony. Damn Waco.

So as I was watching The September Issue last night I was thinking about how I had recently let my subscription to Vogue lapse (December 2009 is my last issue). I watched it wondering if I would find a reason to renew my subscription. Why watching a documentary on the making of an issue released more than two years ago would affect my decision to renew is beyond me, but as I watched I was a person divided. My decision to let the subscription lapse was based on the copy. The book’s writing had become bland and lost my interest. I actually really like the design of the magazine, and especially the editorial fashion spreads, most of them.

If The September Issue was going to convince me to renew my subscription, it did a great job. I’m not saying I’ve decided to renew, but because I love the editorial fashion spreads, the film could have changed my mind.

Enter Grace Coddington. After seeing her in the film, she is exactly who I want to be. It’s actually really funny that my two favorite magazine editors are her and Joe Zee since both are Creative Director for their magazines. It’s also probably no coincidence that my ultimate professional goal is to be Creative Director for a fashion magazine.

In The September Issue, Grace is fantastic. She is a real woman working at the most influential magazine. She wasn’t afraid to let audiences see her emote and react to the different bumps along the way to putting out the September 2007 Vogue. Everyone needs to be as productive as Grace. My new life goal, along with being Creative Director of a fashion magazine, is to be as much like Grace as possible. She has styled all of my favorite Vogue spreads. If I don’t stop typing about her soon this post could turn into a dissertation.

Yes, The September Issue is about Vogue and Anna Wintour, but I 100% agree without whoever reviewed it and said that Grace stole the show. She absolutely did. Audiences will go and see it to creep into Anna’s world, but they’ll come out wishing they had known more about Grace Coddington and wondering why there isn’t more buzz around her. But that’s how she likes it. And I like it too.

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My heart about stopped when…

Twitter told me the Sex and the City 2 movie trailer was out already. I have no problem confessing to owning the entire series and the deluxe dvd edition of the first movie, Carrie Bradshaw is my style icon after all. I got goosebumps watching the trailer! Too bad I’ll be in Paris when the movie releases… Watching the last one in New York was better than seeing it anywhere else.

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Christmas eve… (eve, eve)

So I’ve already picked out what I’m wearing to the Christmas Eve service in two days, but I thought: What if I hadn’t? I looked through some of the more fashionable retailers and found some contenders if I were still in a pickleĀ  (not likely, I’m really in love with my ensemble) these would definitely make my list of top choices.

Ann Taylor
Silk Taffeta Scoop Neck Dress

Wool Jersey Ruffle Dress

Kate Spade ‘Miriam’ Dress

Adrianna Papell Belted Ponte Knit Dress

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If only it would snow in Texas

Because Texas only gets about six weeks of winter-y weather total I don’t really have the need for a fabulous winter coat. With all of the snow the mid-atlantic and northeatern states are getting it makes me think about the wardrobe options my cousins in Virginia have right now. They’re so lucky! I would die to bundle up in one of these coats from the A/W 2009 rtw lines. Just think, this time next year I’ll be packing for New York and putting coats like this on my Christmas wish list. So exciting!

Marc Jacobs

Burberry Prorsum

Jean Paul Gaultier

John Galliano

Ralph Lauren

Comme des Garcons

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As red carpet season approaches

Once the New Year hits the red carpet season will be upon us. It’s actually already started since Golden Globe noms are out, and my head is swarming with what I’d love to see on the red carpet and what I expect will hit the red carpet (some overlap, others don’t). With Inglouriuos Basterds and Nine receiving so many accolades I except charmers Diane Kruger, Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz and Marion Cotillard to bring it. Here are a few of the offerings I’m offering.

Oscar de la Renta

Christian Siriano

Badgely Mischka

Carolina Herrera

(The last one reminds me of the pink Chanel number Cameron Diaz wore last year)

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My top … seven

I just finished reading my copy of the WWD Collections issue and just like last year I’m going to comment on their top ten. However this year instead of commenting on their opinions, I’ve decided to create my own top seven from spring 2010.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

From the vibrant colors to the bright lips to the funky tie flat shoes, this show just screams summer fun. The big bows are my favorite part of the show, they add character and a little bit of sass. If a little girl’s imagination could create clothing for grown women, this would be the result.

Marc Jacobs

Part geisha, part Gaga. That pretty much sums up this collection. Also to note, it’s in my top three this season. To prevent myself from gushing too much, I’ll stop there.


The fact that Lily Allen performed one of my favorite songs during this show basically sealed in my approval of this collection. A fun romp complete with a barn and a roll in the hay.

Christian Siriano

I remember clicking through this collection the night after it showed with my friend Erika. We deemed this his fire and ice collection. While sipping wine we oohed and aahed at his walking works of art. All I can say is that his sister is one lucky bride – and she better make headlines so I can see his take on bridals.


I really expected to hear “Smooth Criminal” play at the beginning of the show, but maybe it was a bit too soon for that. Either way the film noir throwback was well-received; I hope this attention-getting, over-the-top pageantry is here to stay. It reminds us that fashion is fun and playul. Plus, now I have a reason to buy ankle socks and pair them with my favorite pumps.

Alexander Wang

I pray for the day that my hair is once again long enough for the side braid. Wang created a true sportswear collection inspired by fencing and rugby – I wish I could have worn this in gym class! And it seems Wang wasn’t immune to the Lady’sĀ  influence either as corset, bras and other undergarments are exposed in the 25-year-old’s collection.

Jason Wu

Master of the one shoulder dress, the second half of the collection was perfectly on key for the party set. Exposed zippers galore. Most of the pieces were perfectly polite while others had the teensiest hint of an edge to them.

Zac Posen

The futuristic use of color caught my eye and still hasn’t let go. This is what I imagine the high fashion Zenon would have worn.

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