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My fall reading list (when I’m rich and famous)

In honor of National Read A Book Day (at least that’s what twitter tells me), I’ll post this picture. For the month of August, the shelf above my desk/cubicle looked roughly like this. Jealous? Yeah, me too.

While I might not be awesome enough to actually get to keep all of these amazingly beautiful books, I did get to write about them for – check out my story here!

I think this has been my favorite assignment for so far, even though unlike the others it didn’t become the main story of the day. Don’t get me wrong, I have in mind which books I’d keep if given the opportunity, but you’ll just have to guess. In the meantime read my article!


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Spectator art

The newest episode of Project Runway might go down in history as being my favorite challenge. In all honesty really could have cared less about the designs, I could have spent an hour and a half admiring the Philip Treacy creations. Seriously, they are stunning! And in fact, let’s just call this one of my “When I’m rich and famous” posts, because let’s be real, I would die for some art like this.

While watching this episode I couldn’t help but be transported back to early June when I met with Prudence of Prudence Millinery, also out of London. That meeting a few months ago is the reason I’m so interested in millinery as an art form. The couture hats are pieces of art, I really wish they were more accessible. Actually I take that back, their status and accessibility is probably one reason they are so eye-catching: they aren’t common in daily life. Especially not on a college campus. Take a few moments to be mesmerized.

Forget fingernail sculptures, millinery is the innovative sculpture art of the moment. At least in my opinion. Check out for more shots of his artwork.

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When I’m rich and famous

I’ll have my own personal yoga instructor.

One thing I learned from my spring 2010 semester at Baylor is that I. Love. Yoga. I might do my cardio on the stationary bike, but my growing fitness love requires a spongy rubber mat and a mirror. In fact, I enjoyed my class so much last semester that I’ve enrolled in intermediate yoga for the fall semester. Currently I’m limited to classes at my gym (which are, of course, not when I usually go to the gym). But when I’m rich and famous I’ll have my own personal yoga instructor. I like the concept of doing yoga in small groups (another reason the classes at my gym are not ideal), so my instructor would be more like a yoga partner who would help me get more out of the poses.

The reason I’m posting about this here is that yoga gives me a chance to shop! When I ride the stationary bike I’m a strictly Nike shorts and college t-shirt kind of girl, but I really loathe practicing yoga in the same ensemble. Enter a new wardrobe. For the poses, shorts can often feel restricting, so in lieu of practicing in the buff, I prefer leggings, which act as a sort of second skin. I also need to begin the practice in a light jacket until after the first few sun salutation and warrior I positions. Here’s my perfect yoga wardrobe.

Calvin Klein Zip Hem Leggings, $39

Nike ‘Poly Good’ Dri-FIT jacket, $65

Under Armour Tech Tee, $20

Here’s hoping I can find a good yoga studio when I get to New York in the spring. Who am I kidding though? They were all over the place when I was interning up there a few summers ago!

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