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My life as a journalista

My life of late has been completely involved in SING. Click this link if you aren’t familiar.

My NYFW article was (finally) published yesterday. Here is my story in full. Please enjoy and don’t hold too big a grudge because I didn’t review every day on here, I really wanted to!!

Next on my list of things to mention in this post is the ASME internship I’m agonizing over. I applied back in November and my fingers have been crossed every day. I was supposed to hear by February 15. If you’re decent at math, you know that was two weeks ago. They sent an e-mail telling me I need to hold my horses for just a little bit longer – until March 2 to be exact. As March 2 approaches I hold my breath every time I check my e-mail. This internship is a huge deal and could help determine my future. I really want to spend another summer interning in NY and making connections in the magazine biz. Basically more than anything. Ever.

Even though I know the status of my application will only be made known to me through e-mail I still find it cathartic to check the ASME website daily. Last week ASME elected Anna Wintour to the Magazine Editor’s Hall of Fame. Congratulations, you should be very proud. About the election and the fact that the picture of you is from your youth at American Vogue.


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My sincerest apologies

… That I didn’t continue my coverage of NYFW. Rather than give you my list of obligations that didn’t include maintaining my blog (sad day!), I will provide a link to my article for The Baylor Lariat with my coverage of NYFW. It’s a pretty surface article since Waco, Texas is not the cultural center of the world. It will run on Wednesday. Not to fret, I’ll link ya!

Now, how about some late news? Evan Lysacek (my men’s figure skating crush since 2004, for the record) won Olympic gold. That is not news. Neither is the fact that Vera Wang designed his skating fashions this year. She also designed for the likes of Michelle Kwan and Nancy Kerrigan. The reason she’s so good at it? She used to skate herself, natch. I really just wanted an excuse to put up pictures of my long-time crush so that my BFF Cynthia isn’t the only one dealing with my antics anymore. (If the second picture doesn’t load, click on it, you should see it on another tab, sorry if this happens!)

These pictures are really just for eye candy, the fact that he’s a bad-ass figure skater is just the icing on top. This post is also to help my ego over the fact that all of my friends realized how attractive Evan is after he won Olympic gold. My point is that, Evan, I had eyes for you well before then.  *Sigh* I do love fashion.

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OPI falls down the rabbit hole

Since I haven’t so much as peaked at the images from today’s shows yet (I know, what’s wrong with me?!) this is the coolest thing I’ve seen today. The Alice in Wonderland OPI collection has been out for about a month, so it’s a little curious that this is the first I’m seeing them, hmm… Anyway, just like the Urban Decay makeup, these make me want to jump out of my skin I want to see this movie so badly!! The phrase for this collection?: “Color so fantastic, you’ll think you’re dreaming.” The shades from left to right on the image are “Thanks so muchness,” “Absolutely Alice,” “Mad as a Hatter,” and “Off with her Red.” So clever, as always!

***Note: NYFW day 2 and day 3 posts will be combined due to calendar activity overload (aka, I’m too busy to post tonight).

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NYFW Fall 2010 Day 1

Where to start?! So much has happened just since this morning!

First off, it’s only right to pay tribute to Alexander McQueen. He is a brilliant designer who will live on in his clothes and inspirations. It is only fitting that the shows this season are dedicated to him and I so wish that I could be in all of the tents to see how designers pay him homage. But I’ll only have reports that fashion journalists present me… so do me right! For a full report by this fashion journalist follow my link (which doesn’t exist because our campus paper ran a wire story instead of mine).

And now to present my ADD: how fab does Julianne Moore look for Bvlgari? I’m a good 96% positive that it was inspired by the Grande Odalisque painting by Ingres.

It’s just another one of my favorite things: fashion imitating art. I get a little giddy when I see something like this. I saw the ad when I got on the fashion show page so that I could catch up on today’s shows and get to the point with this post! So with no further ado…

BCBG Max Azria
I instantly thought “Miranda Hobbes Brady from the Sex and the City movie.” This collection echos the way Pat Fields styled Cynthia Nixon for the flick with the color blocking, draping and use of belts. I’m loving the men’s trouser, subtly-highlighted shoulders and the white/opaque tights. I already can’t wait for next fall! Plus the silhouette on every look was very elongated, which I don’t attribute to the long and lean model bodies walking the clothes down the runway.

Vena Cava
The high-waisted, floaty-hemmed  culotte shorts just moved to the top of my wardrobe wish-list for fall 2010 – so stylish and, as the collection showed, pretty versatile! Fishnets are cool and so are sunglasses. A mostly neutral collection with pops of metallic and gentle color, and here we come chunky necklaces. Also the black turtleneck as a layering staple, I dig it.

Yeah, kind of a slow-ish day show wise, but heavy on emotion and focus elsewhere. Now I have a fashion forecasting paper to research for Monday, so off I go!

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Jason Wu for Madame Alexander

It’s true. And I’m dying. They’re like the Lanvin dolls only they won’t cost you your first born.

I admit to having a dollcase in my room back home. It’s glass with three shelves and has a mirrored back. It sits perched atop my white heirloom dresser against the wall facing my bed. Some people might find that a little creepy, but  it’s just a part of my childhood. Inside of it I have several Madame Alexander dolls. I can picture them all, but naming them is a different story. I have Kurt from The Sound of Music collection, and one or two from Gone with the Wind. All of them are vintage and have watched me grow up at a distance. Then every time my dad would travel abroad for business (Ireland, Germany, once my mom went to Russia) I started adding to my doll collection with porcelain dolls. I think both doll collections were actually started by my grandmother, may she rest in peace. Anyway, I see no reason why these Jason Wu designs can’t be added to my doll case.

Blu Belle

16″ Blu Belle, a NeoCissy with blue eyes, a large, side-parted, blue Afro and black nails, wears a very chic black taffeta, dropped waist, mini dress. The bodice has a peach ribbon detail stitched to look like a corset and…an overlay of ruched, black net with white, flocked, mini polka dots. A strap of the netting extends over one shoulder and the pleated, mini- skirt of the dress has a matching overlay of the same net. Blu Belle’s ‘je ne sais quoi’ look is finished by nude pantyhose, orange vinyl, platform sandals accented by orange suede rosettes on the middle strap, silver rhinestone stud earrings and a lacy black eye mask that comes with sticky dots to adhere the mask to the face.

That’s the website description for Blu Belle. She’s $159.95 and sure to get along splendidly with all of my friends back home. Sometimes I wish I could look as fab as Blu Belle, she sure is gutsier than I am with her fashion. If I didn’t already have things on my birthday gift wait list, I would definitely start planting seeds for this bundle of fierce doll couture.

L’Enfant Terriblé

16″ L’Enfant Terriblé, a NeoCissy with green eyes, bright red hair in a side-parted ponytail and black nails, has an incredibly daring look. She’s presented here in an ensemble that combines a bra-top bodice with a black fishnet neckline and sleeves with a short black taffeta mini-skirt trimmed with black horsehair. Adding additional drama and finishing L’Enfant Terriblé’s look is silver rhinestone earrings, black undies with attached garters and black stockings, bright green open-toed booties that have platform heels and…a black feathered eye patch that is trimmed with jet caviar beads.

Again, web description. Also $159.95. L’Enfant seems like a toned down Lady Gaga (speaking of, I’d love to see a Lady Gaga Madame Alexander doll… just saying), so while there’s a chance I could muster the gall to dress like Blu, L’Enfant would forever sit in my doll case as a fantasy inspiration.  And on second thought, L’Enfant and Blu might be too much for my other dolls, starting their own high fashion clique and what not. Because we all know fashion can get a little Mean Girls every once in a while.

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Eco fashion plus some red carpet catch-up

I can’t believe I haven’t posted since January 18th! Well, yes I can. My laptop was once again out of commission until the brainiacs at Baylor ITS could figure out why my software soulmate, InDesign, wasn’t reciprocating my affections. But alas it feels better than ever to have Moe (my macbook pro) back. And I also feel more behind on my fashion news – and posting! – than ever.

Now to visit the last TWO red carpets I missed for posting – the SAGs and the Grammys. I was otherwise engaged (that’s a buzz word, wait for it later on in this post) for those two events and had to catch up via E!’s Fashion Police. My favorite trend of the red carpet season, short/cap sleeves, has definitely been held up by the most glamorous of stars. Sandra Bullock was my hands down fav at the SAGs in Alexander McQueen. Runners up were Diane Kruger in Jason Wu and Kate Hudson in Emilio Pucci. The SAGs had a significantly better red carpet than the Globes.

At the Grammys, I’ll be honest, I haven’t quite caught up on all of Lady Gaga’s ensembles and I haven’t been over to my friend’s apartment to watch it on DVR yet. Expect both to happen. Until then let me talk about how much I loved Beyonce rocking the short/cap sleeve look in Stephane Rolland. Rhianna brought it out in couture… my jury’s still out on whether it was fantastic. It was couture. My runners up for the Grammy red carpet go to Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift – the country divas upped the ante with the geometric trend.

And lastly, one of my besties (you know who you are) is recently engaged. While the wedding is a good year and a half away, plans are very much being laid. Among the first decisions was to make the wedding completely eco-friendly. How rad is that?! Way rad. As a member of the wedding party I’ll get to wear Toms with my bridesmaid dress. Amen! That’s especially good to know when the tallest groomsman is 5’8″ and I’m 5’11″… Hearing about an eco-friendly wedding is so refreshing after seeing all the wedding shows on WEtv where tulle goes to die.

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