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I know, I know – it’s been a while. I blame the summer in nyc, it’s just too much fun (kind of like this outfit)! When I woke up this morning with a strong urge to wear this pair of shorts. With the soft blush color and pleating detail at the waist, this high-waisted pair is perfect for summertime in the office. While I usually wear a button down with these shorts, I decided to break out of my box and try something different. I paused an extra second when looking at this nautical striped shirt in my closet and had a brilliant idea. The horizontal stripes in the shirt and the horizontal pleats at the waistline of the shorts work synergistic-ally and bring the two pieces together making this not just any ‘ole outfit, but a look. Add the heels and multi-strand necklace and lookout!, this is a phenomenal style. And it has a little French feeling, no?

Stripes are a major trend for summer, match yours with a piece that you wouldn’t usually think to pair them – chances are you’ll be pleasantly surprised like me.


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I’ve been interning at InStyle for about 6 weeks now (time flies!) and even though I’m a production intern, I’m trying tirelessly to get back into editorial anyway I can. Enter my newest gig: part-time blogger for the What’s Right Now blog! Here’s my inaugural post. And to top it off, it ran today as the main story on the homepage. A girl couldn’t be happier. 🙂

Emma Watson: A decade of premiere style

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Hermoine Granger and Haute Couture

Watching Emma Watson grow up with Hermoine Granger is only second to watching her grow up in the fashion industry over the last decade. From wearing Chanel (lots and lots of Chanel), to modeling for Burberry, to now stunning the masses in a straight-off-the-runway Oscar de la Renta silver and gray pouf, she’s the fashion ingenue of the early 2000s . Swapping the fur coat for the white blazer takes it to a whole new level of chic that would usually involve some kind of magic – I suspect she left her wand at home for this. Everything from the hair, the makeup, that signature left-lip-curl-instead-of-a-smile thing she does for the camera is absolute perfection. I can’t wait to see what her other premiere ensembles look like – NYC in T (minus) 3 days.

J.K. Rowling also wore Oscar, although I personally wished she’d worn the pink shrug (can you call it that?) that accompanied it on the runway.

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The nail polish diaries: Happy day of independence!

To celebrate my first official Fourth of July as a New York resident (got my license last week!), I’m either going to the beach or the Highline to watch fireworks. But no holiday is complete in my book without a festive new nail color to go with. After giving it lots of thought I finally decided that Sapphire blue would be just right (enter Essie Midnight Cami). It’s dark enough to be a good staple in my fall nail polish lineup, but sparkly and upbeat enough to perfect for this mid-summer holiday. Stick to two or more coats (fewer is too royal blue) and Thomas Jefferson would be proud.

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8-inch whaaat?

Don’t these look like a museum piece? They look like they belong in a glass box on a pedestal in a room full of tourists with cameras, because they just can’t be real! But it seems in fact they are – if you can bid high enough. And only one man could have created these red-soled beauts. These silk and Swarovski crystal adorned ballet-inspired stilts are the brain child of none other than the the genius cobbler himself, Christian Louboutin. Oh yeah, and they’re 8 inch heels. Clearly these aren’t meant to be worn, but that doesn’t keep my feet from shaking in their boots at the sight of them. I spent many of my teen years stuffing my feet into pointe shoes – not too dissimilar from these – and then danced in them, but they gets cramps at the sight of these. And while you want to cry when you think about a day of work in these shoes, you secretly want to see footage of a model falling in them don’t you? Yeah, me too. It’s ok.

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