8-inch whaaat?

Don’t these look like a museum piece? They look like they belong in a glass box on a pedestal in a room full of tourists with cameras, because they just can’t be real! But it seems in fact they are – if you can bid high enough. And only one man could have created these red-soled beauts. These silk and Swarovski crystal adorned ballet-inspired stilts are the brain child of none other than the the genius cobbler himself, Christian Louboutin. Oh yeah, and they’re 8 inch heels. Clearly these aren’t meant to be worn, but that doesn’t keep my feet from shaking in their boots at the sight of them. I spent many of my teen years stuffing my feet into pointe shoes – not too dissimilar from these – and then danced in them, but they gets cramps at the sight of these. And while you want to cry when you think about a day of work in these shoes, you secretly want to see footage of a model falling in them don’t you? Yeah, me too. It’s ok.


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