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Technically this is the outfit I wore yesterday (or since I’m writing this tonight and scheduling it for the morning, I guess it is today’s outfit…). But I think it’s a good enough one to dedicate a post to, because in reality it’s probably one of my favorite outfits I’ve worn to this new post-grad internship endeavor. It appropriately mixes NYC fashion magazine glam (the bucle and metallic yarn skirt) with Texas cliche and charm (oxford pearl snap shirt and medium-large brown woven belt). I think the most important aspect of this outfit, however, is that I finally found a way to wear this skirt! Hoorah! I bought it at the end of last summer when it was on final sale – probably $9.88 – at an additional 40%, I don’t care who you are, you buy it and figure out how to wear it later. So it took almost a year, but soooo worth the investment because now I have this cute ensemble catalogued for future reference.

And yes, I did take this picture in a fitting room. So sue me.


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The nail polish diaries

(Isn’t my desk awesome looking??)

The creative teams at OPI and Essie are geniuses. The kind of geniuses with whom I’d like to join ranks. Being a member of the team that names nail polish colors is on my list of dream jobs along with other gems like Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor creator (because, seriously, how awesome would that job be? I could totes see future me as a 50-year-old Vermont hippie coming up with ice cream flavors). But I digress.

Above I’m pictured wearing OPI’s cherry-apple shade awesomely titled “My Chihuahua Bites!” When I sat down for my usual Sunday night DIY mani for the week ahead, I reached for this shade because I felt like having my digits stand out for a change (I wouldn’t say I was tired of lilacs and nude-y golds, buuuut…). In the glow of our half halogen-half flourescent lit apartment at 10:30 that night I thought the hue seemed too orangey-red for my tastes, I was really hoping for something between hot pink and red. But color me pleasantly surprised, because in the white fluorescence of my office the color was closer to what I was pining for than I had originally thought. And against my cream blouse and navy skirt, this color creates an optical illusion that makes me think I’m tanner than I am. There is no downside.

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The girl-crush pushes forward

Who else thinks that at first glance this looks more like a Vogue cover than a Harper’s Bazaar cover? Just had to get that off my chest before beginning with the actual post.

As a(n oft) self-proclaimed Anne Hathaway girl-crusher, I make sure that I am kept abreast of any and all things Anne Hatahway, today’s example: her Harper’s Bazaar cover story (and based on my initial comment, the cover itself). I’ll admit it, I’m not an every-month reader of HB, but when it catches my eye, sure, I’ll take a looksie. And am I ever glad I did! Because not only did I stumble upon a well-written Cathy Horyn feature, but I learned that I have more in common with Annie than I could have ever dreamed – we both have a penchant for hot pink toes (truth? I don’t discriminate, I love all nail polish colors not quite equally)! That alone could have made my day, but really it was just the beginning. Cathy Horyn pens all of my favorite NYT fashion  columns and stories, so to see her name above the story very nearly made my heart skip a beat – too many of my favorite things were culminating in this one spot! This article takes me back to my magazine and feature writing days with Dr. Owens. This is exactly the kind of article I would put on a pedestal in that class and whose style I would try and most closely emulate. Cathy Horyn is exactly the kind of writer I want one day to be and this article is a prime example of just that. For this article and the photographs that accompany it I will leave my norm and help the Harper’s Bazaar newsstand sales just a smidge. And I encourage you to do the same.

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I began the morning in a skirt, before realizing that it’s actually pretty cool out (and not so sunny) and remembering that I’m meeting a friend from Russia for a touristy romp after work. Hence the dark skinny jeans. Also the picture is blurry, but it’s the best in the series – I’ll do try harder next time, just for you.

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So the first day went great and I can already tell that my style sensibility and preferences are going to fit in really well with this office! Here’s day two, still biz-cazh, with some fun elements. And guess who finally got her favorite pair of black pumps repaired? Yep, and they’re better than new. A girl couldn’t be happier.

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OOTD: Volume 2!

Another first day and altogether important OOTD. Here begins my post-grad internship, wish me luck! I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a structured jacket over a less-structured dress. It works every time. And to make it better, the strong geometric print and bright coral colors are signatures of this summer season. I also love that the necklines aren’t perfectly the same, it adds an element of interest. And I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t DIY a mani last night. Hello, pretty lilac!

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