Is Sephora Santa’s lesser-known daughter?

Because after this uh-mazing deal I found, I’m beginning to think it’s more likely.

The other day I made a more than necessary trip to Sephora to pick up some more BADgal lash mascara (benefit, $19) and another Sephora eye lash curler (Sephora, $5). I managed to also walk away with one of Tarte’s LipSurgence Natural Matte Lip Stain (in Envy, $24) – still on my quest to find the superior lip stain (more on that later). While in line to check out, amidst their other last minute items I was almost tempted to buy the NARS lip gloss/lip stain duo – usually $36, currently $10!!

Based on my other purchases it may be a surprise that I turn my nose to some products and brands due to price (in this case, too high), but NARS is usually a little too far above my radar. So imagine my surprise when I stumble upon this incredible lip duo for such a shockingly low price! I had to do a literal double take. I immediately got out of line so I could try the product. (Caveat: I’m not much of a gloss person because nine times out of ten it’s way too sticky and goopy and thick). Thinking back on it right now, I can’t really think of why I didn’t buy it on the spot. Probably because I was already spending over $50 when the original plan was about half that (remember the Tarte lip stain? that wasn’t on my radar for the trip). But now I’m seriously doubting my sanity in that moment. My advice to anyone with a less level head on their shoulders: give in to your more base instincts and spring for this NARS lip-duo, it’s one of the better beauty deals you’ll come across this December.


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