Rainy day fashion

I’m using yesterday and today’s 21-hour downpour as inspiration for this post. Luckily I was inside for the bulk of this rainy deliverance, but if I weren’t here are a few things I have and would have put to use, or wish I had and am just daydreamed about using.

1. Vivienne Westwood Melissa ankle boot, £90I own this alternative to the Wellington boot in the black boot/black bow combination. When we were in London I was cursing myself daily for not having packed more sensible rain shoes (however, in my defense, the only rain shoes I have – damn clunkers – would have taken up too much of the allowed weight in my suitcase). On one particularly rainy day I was so focused on staying dry under my umbrella that I was just looking at my feet the whole time. I saw a girl walk past us looking very London rainstorm-chic wearing these very boots in the gray boot/black bow combination. It was love at first sight, but I didn’t expect to find them on my trip. Au contraire. Long story short, I found them, bought them and can’t wait until I have the chance to flaunt them. Plus they smell like candy.

2. Banana Republic Trench Coat, tan, $200
I got this trench in March when I realized that my then-upcoming trip to London would mean dealing with day after day of rain. At that time I had no rain coats or really anything to protect myself from a royal downpour but a faulty umbrella. It was time to act. While I would have gladly accepted a Burberry trench, this is a completely suitable second choice for a a fifth of the price. It also came in handy in Paris and Antwerp as well as London. There I am, above, wearing it at Versailles (with my non-sensible rain shoes – they’ve seen a cobbler since the trip and forging European gullywashers)!

3. Felix Rey Clear Bubble Umbrella, $68
My bubble umbrella is not quite as cute, it’s literally just a clear bubble umbrella. This one has fun personality and has “rain rain go away” scrolled on it in a girlish cursive print. In my opinion, bubble umbrellas are the way to go. Pros: they have a shape that is hard to be turned up by strong wind, the shape also makes them perfect for the individual without intruding on the head space of other passersby (especially appreciated on college campuses and, I presume, NY sidewalks), plus it’s cute as a button!


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