What’s in store for Spring/Summer 2011 + let’s catch up, k?

I’ll be upfront with you: for this post I’m plagiarizing. But it’s ok because I’m plagiarizing myself.

My absence for the last six weeks has been induced by my fashion forecasting class. So if it helps at all, my alibi still is fashion-related. My semester-long project has been forecasting the Spring/Summer 2011 for the modern contemporary woman.

This is my collage with the top five trends for the season. But you can read. I’m really looking forward to this season because A) I graduate in May 2011 and all of these all nighters will finally pay off, B) I can finally and officially move to New York City, C) one of my BFFs, Lilly, is getting married (!) and D) I look really hot in the color blue. If you like this visual piece I made for my project (it’s a summation of all the blood/sweat/tears that have gone into this semester) I can totally put up the color stories, textile stories, moods and key silhouettes I researched for the season. I don’t want to bore you, but I am damn proud of all my hard work. And the 99 I got on my color/textile/mood paper.


On another note, it has been brought to my attention of late that I am a graphic design nerd. And I’m ok with that, but let me geek out here for a second. For Christmas I got the Adobe CS4 Design Premium, yippeeee!!!, but now, a mere four months later Adobe is releasing CS5.  It looks magical. Let’s take a look, shall we? Also, please note how dreamy the narrator’s voice is.

And then finally, my other girl crush, Karlie Kloss is on the May Teen Vogue.

Oh wait, just one more thing: I realize that it’s been since February that I’ve posted, so this little nugget of excitement in my life has gone unrecognized on here. I was accepted into the Baylor in New York program for spring 2011. I’ll get to intern and take a few classes. And speaking of the internship, if I can get one with the art department at Elle and work (way) under Joe Zee, I’ll be able to die happy. Honest truth. (So Joe, if for any reason you check up on my blog, let me know if you want my resume. I would personally deliver it if I could.).


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One response to “What’s in store for Spring/Summer 2011 + let’s catch up, k?

  1. peggy

    Yes, yes, yes…..please post portfolio pages and summaries of each paper as a blog. I know that posting the entire paper would be too long.

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