The Carrie Diaries

With summer here it’s time for me to start going through all of this semester’s magazines. I started with Teen Vogue and forgave the ed board for putting Miley on the cover for the second time in literally one year, lest we forget (May 2009, April 2010, tsk tsk). Inside the April 2010 issue is an excerpt from Candace Bushnell’s new book, The Carrie Diaries.

A little background.

When it comes to all things Sex and the City, I’m there. For instance, I own the entire series  and watch episodes whenever I feel like it, saw the first movie on opening day in New York (!), own the movie, read the Candace Bushnell book and even have the Sex and the City: Kiss and Tell book. I will see the second movie, although since I’ll be in Paris when it opens stateside, that will probably not happen opening day and it certainly won’t happen in New York.

Fast forward back to the now.

And now that Candace Bushnell’s first prequel to Sex and the City, The Carrie Diaries is out (and now that I’m done with my hardest semester ever, and made it out with a 3.9!), you better believe I’ve picked myself up a copy and am ready to lie next to my pool and drink it all in. I can’t think of a better way to reward my hard work.

Also, I really love the Stephen Sprouse design for the cover. This is truly one of the best book covers I’ve seen in a while.


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