NYT Fashion: what do Rebecca Bloomwood and I have in common?

With how often these blog posts stem from articles I’ve read on the NYT Fashion section.. I should write for the NYT fashion section? Well, maybe someday.

So as the title inquires, what do Rebecca Bloomwood and I have in common? No, I’m not thousands in debt. No, I haven’t stumbled upon a magazine column-writing gig (yet). And now, I don’t have a roommate with awful taste in bridesmaid dresses (yet, but let’s cross our fingers that this one never happens). But I do have really great, and often expensive, taste for designer items. However, I am a poor college student and therefore don’t have the available funds to support such nice taste, so I resort to other ways of affording my style.

First I found eBay, that was in high school. And now, as a college student, I’ve funded my wardrobe by working at LOFT, where with my discount I can afford a few new styles each spring and, occasionally, my groceries (jk, I make sure groceries and rent come first). But soon I won’t be working part time retail and won’t receive my sweet discount. I’ll have to adopt new frugal ways. So on my normal NYT Fashion section prowl I found this slideshow. It’s only reason No. 568 why I can’t wait to move to New York. Onlyeightmoremonths, onlyeightmoremonths, onlyeightmoremonths.


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