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The cure for the common makeup organizer

When I moved into my three bedroom/one bathroom apartment in May I decided to convert the top of my dresser into a vanity so I would have to fight for face time with the bathroom mirror in the morning. Fast forward four months and I’m sick of the makeup sprawling across the top of my dresser – I’m more organized than this! Well, I finally decided to do something about it.

I loathe the way clear and opaque acrylic makeup organizers can look. Plus they’re so bossy sectioning things off and forcing you to place lipsticks in the spaces designated for them. What if I want to put my bronzer there, what then?┬áPlus, they just look so cheap.

Exhibit A: the bossy know-it-all of makeup organizers

I decided to go another route and find something that complimented my thoughtfully designed vanity. When I found this beautiful dark wood and pebbled purple serving tray at the Beauty Sale last Friday (sorry! I don’t know who made it) from the Life and Home closet I knew it was perfect.

Ahh, so attractively organized!

Take a page from my book and find a gorgeous and inexpensive home accent tray to wrangle and organize your makeup without being bossed around and told where each piece of makeup should go.

Artisan Serving Tray (I couldn't photoshop the food out), $19.99, jcpenney.com

Modern Serenity Decorative Mirrored Tray, $14.99, target.com / I love that this one has a mirror on the face!


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