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How to… layer stripes!

infinity scarf and sweater, LOFT; leather jacket, Michael Kors

The mixing of prints as a style has become increasingly popular in the last few seasons, so here’s my take on the trend. I wanted to play with the layering these stripes in the way that would be most pleasing to the eye (like Carrie Bradshaw, see below). Playing with the scale of the pattern is important when mixing any prints, which is why my scarf has wider stripes and my sweater has thinner stripes. And even though my scarf and sweater are both knits, since the scarf has metallic fibers it adds a different texture to the ensemble, giving the whole look more interest. ¬†And lastly I chose different, but complementary colors (even though Carrie didn’t) to create even more visual interest

Carrie's version

Since layering prints has become such a mega-trend right now, I took inspiration from Carrie’s flight-to-Paris outfit. Since she paired vertical and horizontal stripes of different sizes, in the same color combinations, her take works more than equally well (because I’m more than slightly jealous of her striped rose applique).


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