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My perfect shade

Laura Mercier Shimmer Lip Colour in Raspberry Sorbet, $22, lauramercier.com

I hate lipstick. I really do. I don’t like the way wears off after what feels like only 30 minutes of wear and how it requires a million reapplications throughout the day (unless you’re wearing fire engine red like Beyonce in those lipstick ads – red stays forever!). I don’t like the way it melts in my purse (well, in Texas that was a valid reason). I don’t like the way it feels on my lips (to be fair, I like the texture more than lip gloss). I could go on for the rest of this post!

But all of that changed on Friday, because on Friday I found my perfect shade. The last day of my internship coincided with the Beauty Sale, where all products are sold for $1. While rummaging through the bin of lip products with hopes of finding another great lip stain – my preferred alternative for lip color, I found a tube of Laura Mercier. Wooed by the name on the tube I opened the cap and swirled the shaft to see what color lay inside. After seeing a gorgeous raspberry shade I paused. I considered for longer than one should when the normally $22 lipstick is only $1 before tossing it in my bag. When I got home I tried the color out. As the creamy smooth texture glided across my lips I was hypnotized. I couldn’t believe how great my lips looked! The color pairs perfectly with my light-almost-fair skin, cinnamon brown hair and tendency toward peachy bronze blush.

(don't mind my Texas Rangers t-shirt #gorangers)

I’m not saying I’m a convert yet, but suffice it to say that I’m a lot more likely to throw some lipstick on in the morning over a lipstain. And with a fall nip in the air here in NYC, I won’t have to worry about the lipstick melting in my purse if I choose to carry it around to reapply throughout my day. Thank you, Laura Mercier.


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