Two words: Gel Liner

I’m back! With a heck of a New Year’s Resolution – to not neglect thee again. And also to broaden my beauty horizons.

Since having begun work at a cosmetics company a few months back one of my superiors noticed I don’t wear my eyeliner. “Why?” she inquired. I was too sheepish to tell her the truth: I’m scared of it! But when my first NYE in NYC came around I decided I needed a dramatic look – complete with (gulp) eyeliner. I don’t like pencils because they don’t give me the definition I want, but then liquid liner is just, well, liquid and scary. So I trekked my resolve to Target on Saturday afternoon only to find slim pickins (serves me right!). Then I noticed option C, which I previously hadn’t considered: gel liner. I liked that you use an angled brush (because, when I did seldom apply eye liner, I would dip my angled brush in a little water and then use my darkest shadow for the desired effect), and that the look walks the line between pencil and liquid. We have a winner! The regular drugstore brands were out of black (I’m shopping for eyeliner on NYE, that’s like saying on Halloween all that’s left is a witch hat), so I picked out the only black eyeliner left, and applied it with a mini magician:

Sonia Kashuk Dramatically Defining Gel Liner, $8.99, target.comSephora CollectionBrush Wand, $10, sephora.comSephora Collection Brush Wand, $10,





I didn’t get any closeups from NYE, but here’s a quick snapshot. To apply this look to one eye only took about a minute – how’s that for an eyeliner novice?!

gel liner + eyeliner scaredycat = well, I'm impressed

Next up, maybe I’ll really throw caution to the wind and start applying mascara to my lower lashes. Are any of your New Year’s Resolutions beauty or fashion-related?


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