Everyone has an item of clothing that gives them confidence, makes them feel ultra sexy/skinny/and all-around better. For me, this pair of jeans does exactly that. They’re like insta-spanx – they slim me down, make my butt and legs look great and, perhaps best of all, leave absolutely no signs of muffin top (because, let’s get real – even if you don’t have it, many wrong pairs of jeans can give anyone muffin top). The dark color, with no fading or whiskering whatsoever, make them great for work, happy hour, date night, etc. Seriously, this pair can do no wrong. The flare might be a little 70’s for many people’s taste, but with an hourglass shape (I pose so you can’t tell, but I have some seriously wide hips), the flare at the bottom balances me out.

The silk top, while tailored, seemed just a little bare, so I belted my waist. Since it’s August (but thanks to Irene, a little cooler out than normal) I rolled the sleeves, which left me wishing I had an awesome cuff to wear at my wrist. Actually, I’m holding out for this Michael Kors rosegold watch. It’s as close to perfect as something could ever be. I’m not a gold person, but my complexion is too warm for silver (that and most of my handbags actually have gold hardware), so the happy medium is this gorgeous timepiece. At $250, it’s a little out of my constantly-broke-intern price range, but I’ll own it one day.


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