Pitbull + Lanvin = WIN!

Dancing (ahem, flailing) models? Check.

Alber Elbaz joining in at the end? Yes, please!

I like it more than the stop-action movie campaign Lanvin did for spring 2011. While that one was on-trend ad-wise, this one has a sense of humor and you can totally tell everyone is enjoying themselves in the process. I bet they even went out line-dancing afterwards. Ok, maybe not. But this campaign is fresh and fun and I hope to see more designers taking their ad campaigns in a similar direction. I can’t wait until this starts popping up as an ad on the side of various blogs – I’ll actually watch it rather than muting it, or turning it off altogether.

Looking forward to spring 2012!

P.S. My Baylor peeps (ehh.. that doesn’t work, does it?) will understand how much I love this because it reminds me of All University SING! This could totally be the first minute of an awkward fraternity act – the moves are spot on!


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