OOTD: Lace & Leather!

How does one make an ensemble of lace and leather appropriate for the office? Let me show you the ways!

First off, make sure the lace isn’t too boudoir, it needs to be modest. Take a cue from my tee – the high neckline and scalloped hem keep it demure, and the golden beige color keeps it refined. When adding the leather, stick to something loose. If I just told you I was wearing a leather skirt, you’d probably conjure up images of something tight and short, but that’s not cute for the office (unless your office is the Cat Scratch Club). This particular leather skirt earns mondo bonus points for having pockets! Pointer no. 3: in order to keep the outfit modest from head to toe, opt for ballet flats instead of heels. The leather skirt and lace blouse have enough heat on their own (even if they are this modest), adding heels would almost kill the whole thing. I chose a pair of black pointy-toe flats that have a little bit of edgy hardware to keep things interesting. Throwing a pearl and gold chain necklace over the whole thing ensures a “day” vibe. And if not for the skinny belt cinching my waist, this look would be pretty shapeless. Tada! Lace and leather that’s office appropriate! You’re still allowed to play Britney’s “Lace and Leather” on your iPod during your commute.


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