The nail polish diaries

(Isn’t my desk awesome looking??)

The creative teams at OPI and Essie are geniuses. The kind of geniuses with whom I’d like to join ranks. Being a member of the team that names nail polish colors is on my list of dream jobs along with other gems like Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor creator (because, seriously, how awesome would that job be? I could totes see future me as a 50-year-old Vermont hippie coming up with ice cream flavors). But I digress.

Above I’m pictured wearing OPI’s cherry-apple shade awesomely titled “My Chihuahua Bites!” When I sat down for my usual Sunday night DIY mani for the week ahead, I reached for this shade because I felt like having my digits stand out for a change (I wouldn’t say I was tired of lilacs and nude-y golds, buuuut…). In the glow of our half halogen-half flourescent lit apartment at 10:30 that night I thought the hue seemed too orangey-red for my tastes, I was really hoping for something between hot pink and red. But color me pleasantly surprised, because in the white fluorescence of my office the color was closer to what I was pining for than I had originally thought. And against my cream blouse and navy skirt, this color creates an optical illusion that makes me think I’m tanner than I am. There is no downside.


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