The girl-crush pushes forward

Who else thinks that at first glance this looks more like a Vogue cover than a Harper’s Bazaar cover? Just had to get that off my chest before beginning with the actual post.

As a(n oft) self-proclaimed Anne Hathaway girl-crusher, I make sure that I am kept abreast of any and all things Anne Hatahway, today’s example: her Harper’s Bazaar cover story (and based on my initial comment, the cover itself). I’ll admit it, I’m not an every-month reader of HB, but when it catches my eye, sure, I’ll take a looksie. And am I ever glad I did! Because not only did I stumble upon a well-written Cathy Horyn feature, but I learned that I have more in common with Annie than I could have ever dreamed – we both have a penchant for hot pink toes (truth? I don’t discriminate, I love all nail polish colors not quite equally)! That alone could have made my day, but really it was just the beginning. Cathy Horyn pens all of my favorite NYT fashion  columns and stories, so to see her name above the story very nearly made my heart skip a beat – too many of my favorite things were culminating in this one spot! This article takes me back to my magazine and feature writing days with Dr. Owens. This is exactly the kind of article I would put on a pedestal in that class and whose style I would try and most closely emulate. Cathy Horyn is exactly the kind of writer I want one day to be and this article is a prime example of just that. For this article and the photographs that accompany it I will leave my norm and help the Harper’s Bazaar newsstand sales just a smidge. And I encourage you to do the same.


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