Met Gala: a recap

I believe the @ManRepeller said it best: Can’t believe my invite to the Met Ball got lost in the mail AGAIN! Get your shit together, post office.

Every magazine has already done slideshows and blog posts galore about who wore what at the Met Gala last night. Since I’ve been otherwise occupied with finals (senioritis is so not helping me out right now), I haven’t been able to put my opinions about last night into cyberspace. So here are my favs.

No. 1 / Elle Fanning, Valentino Couture
I really can’t say enough good things about this look! She’s so age appropriate but brimming with fashion-savvy I can’t stand it! I like her sartorial POV better than her sister’s – and that’s not an easy thing to admit.

No. 2 / Blake Lively, Chanel Haute Couture
I kind of hate this (hair) color, but the toga-esque dress is flattering and interesting in a way I wouldn’t have expected. Plus, who isn’t instantly more chic when they Karl Lagerfeld on their arm?

No. 3 / Diane Kruger, Jason Wu
When do I not love what Diane wears? Next.
No. 4 / Anna Wintour, Chanel Haute Couture
While I’m slightly shocked she didn’t wear McQueen in honor of the evening, Anna in Chanel is kind of an institution in itself. And I think she looked really outstanding in this custom piece.

No. 5 / Chanel Iman, Dolce and Gabbana
A lace shift might be a little understated for the Met Gala on anyone else, but on Chanel its really stunning.

Absolute worst dressed? Naomi Campbell. I understand she may have felt the necessity of wearing McQueen last night, but did she have a mirror?


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