Today is so bittersweet! I’ve had an incredible time interning at Teen Vogue and would stay in a heartbeat if the combined issues of college credit/no openings didn’t make that impossible. And as if Hollywood had something to do with it, it’s raining and should be all day. Isn’t that just how it would be in a movie? I thought so too. I was going to wear the same shoes from Monday, but since they’re suede and haven’t been Scotchgard-ed yet I probably shouldn’t. But they would look so much better with the new khakis (that have become my favorite spring-y wardrobe piece). I may stow them in my bag… we’ll see about that.

The significance of this outfit is pretty tremendous, because it’s in the last outfit of my internship I have meetings with a pretty major editor. I think that’s pretty fitting.

I’m not sure how long I’ll continue outfit of the day blogs, I hope it’s something that doesn’t die out, but we’ll see. I know so many of you have followed all of these sartorial choices closely and without you I wouldn’t have kept this up for the duration of my internship.


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