It looks like spring may finally have descended upon NYC. Can I get an Amen?! And since yesterday was Easter, the most sartorially significant holiday for Christians, it means showing off your newest and springiest fashion, duh! So with part of today’s outfit, I did just that. The shoes were bought online (delivered to me on Good Friday, is that a sign or what?!) to match the dress I bought for graduation and to attend a spring/summer wedding in right before I head home to Texas. The khakis are also new. I bought them after one of the 70 degree flukes back in February or March (and much to my chagrin, I couldn’t wear them until yesterday…). The two pair better together than I could have thought. And I know I wear this shirt a ton, but, hmm, get over it.

Because shoes are everyone’s favorite…

The took some breaking in yesterday (I know better today – there are band aids stashed in my purse in the case of an emergency), but these might be my favorite pair of spring/summer shoes yet. If you don’t have a neutral sandal yet, go get yourself a pair. You won’t regret it. (photo: Seychelles, $90, zappos.com)


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