With the right pair of shoes…

As a sister post to today’s OOTD (see below), I’ll share with you a story. Back in February I ruined my favorite, trusty, comfortable-even-when-worn-all-day black pumps. They’d been with me since sometime in high school (who can say that nowadays?), and have seen a shoe doctor once for some reconstructive surgery. In February it was a nice day (side note: my definition of “nice day” has been altered since moving to NY, a “nice day” in February is 50ish degrees, not upwards of 70) so the boyfriend wanted to take me to the boardwalk. Not thinking about my footwear I gleefully agreed. After about a 30 yard walk down the boardwalk I noticed how often my heel had been slipping between the boards. To say I was upset when I saw what was happening to my shoes, well, it would be an understatement. But I downplayed my sadness because it’s not becoming to cry over a pair of shoes in front of the guy you like (especially after only a few weeks, I’m pretty sure that would be a red flag). The damage: the leather on the heel of one left black pump was just too much to bear. Look at that sad face!

Fast forward to today. I could really, really use those black pumps with my job interview and all. But shoe doctors in New York cost waaaaay more than my shoe doctor back in Texas. So I had resolved to sit it out, but what woman in her right mind can go three months without her favorite (and only pair, I might add) black pumps?? I’m taking control of this problem today. Enter zappos.com. After pouring over page after page of high heels, I found this gem.

As a taller-than-your-average female (almost 6 feet, represent!) I need a lower heel. And while stilettos are cute and man-attracting, frankly they hurt like hell. So these are perfect. They’re classic-looking, but not boring. The touch of snakeskin adds a hint of sophistication. If only I’d thought to buy these a week ago. They would go perfectly with my outfit today.


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