Today is an Anna day, and it’s a rainy day. Which is better than a snowy day, because my rain boots are much cuter and less clompy. Now that’s WINNING!

Seriously though, in order to keep giving you outfits you’ve yet to see (my apologies for yesterday), I’ve started layering. Take Tuesday for instance, I wasn’t in the mood to wear a skirt, but if you slap a sweater over a dress, you’ve instantly added 10 skirts to your wardrobe! Well, probably more for me, I like dresses far too much. So like I did on Tuesday I took a dress – one I’d already worn to my internship – and put a sweater on it. Voila! New outfit.

I once again find myself poufing my bangs out 90s-style. It is so time for a trim. I think I’m going to save myself a Hamilton and DIY-it. If I’m rocking a pirate patch in my next post… you know what happened.


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