Like the clutz I am, I spilt coffee on the blouse I wanted to wear today. Basically I tried to break up the full-on black with my brown boots (don’t hate, Tim Gunn likes brown on black, so I do too), which you can barely see because of how dark my photos are. I apologize.

I’m taking suggestions for tomorrow’s outfit. I’m meeting up with a new guy friend (read: first date) tomorrow after work. I get off early on Friday’s every so often, but if I don’t and have to go all day at work wearing my date outfit: what should I wear so I can day-to-night it, first date style??? Comments appreciated!



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2 responses to “OOTD

  1. peggy

    Depends….do you have any idea what you might be doing for your date? Otherwise, layers and that nice necklace you wear so often!

  2. Catharine

    I would say one of your dresses (i really like the light blue button down w/ pockets) w/ tights…and some fab night makeup!

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