Yesterday I was bluffing (but my poor feet so wish I wasn’t). Anna is actually visiting today. So I have the awful dressing dilemma as follows: a) do I dress for the 120957598 snow storm this month? b) do I dress for comfort since I have class until 10:30 tonight after my internship? or c) do I dress for Anna’s visit? It’s a much harder decision than it sounds. Especially since my feet wanted me to cut them off to relieve them of their pain (a la 127 hours). My compromise: the most comfortable, but tromp l’oil at the same time black dress pants,an embellished tee and a lightweight black and navy tartan blazer (just believe me since in the pic it looks black). And the kicker? I’m wearing snow boots, but swapping them for my dress boots once I get there. I can’t wait for these to get here, so I don’t have to do that.


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