Perfection at the Golden Globes

Red Carpet season is upon us! Rather than bore you with an introduction to this post, I’ll give you what you really want to see: the pretty dresses!!

Anne Hathaway, Armani Prive
Some of my favorite trends in dresses are long sleeves and open backs. Anne Hathaway can do no wrong in my book (hi, my name is Ashleigh, I have a ginormous girl crush on Anne Hathaway), and this is just another reason to love and worship her the way I do. It’s a complete departure from what she usually does on the red carpet, but it still works. LOVE! Anne, you’re a goddess, don’t change. I can’t wait to see all the gorge dresses you’ll wear when you host the oscars!

Lea Michele, Oscar de la Renta
How adorable did Lea Michele look last night? So sweet and fresh. Age appropriate and completely charming. I’m generally not a fan of such sugary sweet dresses like this, but it’s perfect for the Glee star, she’s definitely getting the hang of red carpet dressing.

Emma Stone, Calvin Klein
I really wish she had worn her hair so we could see her bangs, they’re incredible! And you can’t help but notice how incredible her body looked in this minimalist dress (also backless and way chic). I wish she were a little less tan so she didn’t blend into the color of her dress as much. Most people like to see bright colors on tan skin, but I prefere the contrast it has to pale skin. But she looked fab and I can’t wait to see what she pulls out the rest of the season.

Leighton Meester, Burberry
Another fantastic long-sleeved number. I don’t know how she could have chosen a dress that makes her look so impossibly Blair Waldorf and Country Strong at the same time, but she did! Brava! 
Jayma Mays, Alberta Ferretti
I was dying over this look last night; I am in love with everything about it! The styling makes her look like she walked out of the 1920s right into the red carpet without skipping a beat. Everything about Jayma was perfect last night and she’s my runner-up to Anne Hathaway for best dressed. 


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