These boots were made for.. interning!

Yesterday was the first day of my internship, and I love it! Unfortunately , or rather in the best interest of me getting a job, I won’t post about my internship. But I will post what I wear to the very fashionable offices.

Day 1
dress: Ann Taylor; necklace: LOFT; tights: LOFT; boots: Dillards

Day 2 (today!)
graphic tee: LOFT; blazer: H&M; necklace: LOFT;
skinny jeans: LOFT; boots: Dillards; glasses: Coach

Depending on what sort of damage the estimated 12 inches of snow NYC may get tomorrow, I may not have an outfit to post (sad). But maybe I’ll be able to make snow angels in central park or do something like that. This Texan cannot fathom how much snow that actually is. Deep down though, I can’t wait to see real snow!!


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