Joe Zee to get his own show?!

When I woke up and immediately checked twitter (I know, what has social media done to us?) I saw many, many tweets with videos and articles about Joe Zee’s new show. I was, in a word, elated. My professional crush on Joe Zee began when he was on that CW show Stylista. He then showed up on The  City, which I admit to only having watched once. His new show All on the Line will be aired by the Sundance Channel (who knows if I even get that??) later this spring.

The premise is kind of like Project Runway, but based on the 35 second video clip I saw, the designers have less fashion/history knowledge and are less self-capable, plus it’s not really like Project Runway. I really have no idea what the show will be like, I just know I’m tuning in.


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