Elle to Hearst?

It seems as though the magazine powers that be have all but chosen Hearst as the new home for American Elle. Numerous blogs (like Fashionista and NYMag’s Cut Blog) have been following the story for some time now, keeping me on the edge of my seat. But now, news breaks that Lagardère SCA has entered into exclusive negotiations with Hearst to buy American titles (formerly of Hachette Filipacci). Fashionista goes as far as to speculate that…

As Hearst’s suits attempt to sell Elle under its women’s/fashion portfolio, they will begin to demand certain things from the editors. And if those things chip away from Elle‘s core brand in any capacity, we could see a mass editorial exodus.

Could this mean that in a few months there is the possibility of jobs opening up (if the supposed “mass editorial exodus” really does occur)? As a May 2011 graduate, I don’t really mind the idea of job openings right in the middle of my ideal market at one of my favorite magazines, but I also don’t want to see Hearst change Elle and drive it from the magazine I’ve grown to love and admire. I would also hate to see the pillars of Elle (at least in my mind) like Robbie Myers, Anne Slowey, Joe Zee and others leave.

Suffice it to say, I hate to see one American magazine house evaporate; it doesn’t really endear my parents to my chosen career path. But on the other hand, knowing that the magazines themselves aren’t dying is a relief. I just don’t want to see the integrity of Elle as a magazine be compromised as a result of this merger. But this may aid in my New Year’s Resolution to get a job. We’ll have a better idea of how this will all go down on Jan. 30. In the meantime, I move to New York on Saturday and start my fantastic internship on Monday. Happy 2011!


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  1. No need to worry, fashion is alive and will never die, regardless the mergers, the collapses, and the conglomerate dissipation; we survive in little coves of society, keeping life and style fresh. Ciao for now.
    -Billy @ chicagofang.com

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