Nail polish disclaimer***

***If you prefer not to read sad tales of my nail polish woe, then avert your eyes, this is your warning.

I was once a slave to nail polish, always indulging my whims when it came to nail color. OPI was my favorite. I’m also the kind of girl who, at the first sign of chipping or color rising up from the tip of my nail, would always remove and re-paint. Then when the movie Burlesque came out she I it, loved it and then fell in love with the OPI colors inspired by the movie. I was most taken with the sparkly colors. In a previous post I can even be quoted saying “the sparklier, the better.” And it is here that my tale of woe begins. I went a little overboard at Ulta one day last week buying 6 of the 12 Burlesque-inspired colors of OPI nail polish, including one of the sparkly colors (“sparkle-licious” was out, so I bought “slimmer and shimmer”) and promptly gave them to my dad so he had some more stocking stuffers for me.

On Christmas day I painted my nails with “shimmer and simmer” and they looked great! Not to be outdone by the instant chipping one must tackle with sparkle nail polish, I just kept coating my nails. The texture of sparkle nail polish is different than that of normal nail polishes – you can keep adding and adding without it looking grossly layered.

When I came home from our vacation I wanted to try out a different color (since I have so many new ones!), so I head to our nail salon to have them remove the sparkle polish for me. I’ve had experience with sparkle polish and even the strongest of nail polish removers, let’s just say they agree to disagree. The lady at the nail salon fails with their salon-strength polish remove and tries a number of other things before finding thing one that worked. She was sanding my nails with a drill to get rid of the sparkle polish. When she was done it looked like I’d just sprinkled fairy dust on her station.

I learned my lesson: sparkle nail polish is best left to young girls who aren’t a control freak when it comes to nail polish maintenance. 😦


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