Shut up!

My fav Anne Hathaway not only had a great movie released last week, but she’s also now up for an industry top job: hosting the Oscars (with hunk James Franco). This is less fashion-related than it is rocking my world, but since she has become somewhat of a style icon and gets featured on The Rachel Zoe Project as a client I think this post is justified.

She’s hosted SNL twice in the last three seasons (the Mary Poppins skit is still one of my favorites!) and remains, in my book, one of the most stunning faces in Hollywood with great style and pipes to boot. She elegantly moved from Disney Princess to topless screen siren (in two films mind you, and come to think of it, both with Mr. Gyllenhaal) without getting much – if any – flack. She’s comedic, dramatic and chick flick gold, and it’s my personal belief that if she had a few more Parkinson’s disease scenes in Love and Other Drugs, she would be up for an Oscar nom. I think she’s totally deserving of this host-ship. It’s about time there was some youth in the prime hosting gigs. I really hope the rumors are true!


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