I’m not crazy! / Royal Wedding

With the announcement of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s engagement, I feel like I can do a wedding-related post without feeling guilty for not even having a boyfriend (at the moment… if any fellas out there want to change that, be my guest).

First a rant: Is it just me or does everyone seem to be getting engaged and/or married this year? Seriously, my friends need to cut it out because I’m soon to be the only single lady left. But because everyone in my life seems to be, well, otherwise engaged, I’ve taken to looking at wedding dresses and other things in my free time. It all started when Dona showed me the iPhone app for The Knot, and it’s just been a downward spiral since then.

So now with the William/Kate post.

First off, let me say that William picking a commoner should give the rest of us hope for a shot with Harry (kidding, but kind of not, he’s the cuter one anyway!).

Secondly, let’s admire Kate’s ring for a moment. William proposed with Diana’s sapphire ring.

How about a little closer look?

So now that we’ve decided that she has the prettiest ring in the world, I’d like to point out that I’ve been talking about a sapphire engagement ring for years now. Diamonds are boring and sapphires match my personality and style much better. While Diana/Kate’s ring is stunning, it reminds me a little too much of the traditional Baylor women’s class ring, so I would like to inform my future husband (wherever you may be): I would like an art deco style sapphire engagement ring with filigree scrolling. Unfortunately I can’t find a picture that adequately depicts what I’m dreaming up.

In all seriousness though, I honestly think that with a whole new generation experiencing royal wedding mayhem (my mom was only a few years older than me when Princess Di and Charles got hitched), and with all of the celebrities getting engaged with non-diamond engagement rings, I think that market will soar. If it does, you heard that projection here first – remember that!

Thirdly, with the multitude of articles spewing out of every entertainment and news source regarding the engagement and impending royal nuptials, many magazines (especially the fashionable ones) are speculating about the designer of Kate’s bridal gown. Elle magazine suggested that she might go with a British designer – if so I’d love to see something done by Vivienne Westwood (remember Carrie’s VW bridal gown in SATC??? gorg!) or Matthew Williamson. If she goes American, of course my choice for her would be Oscar de la Renta, but he’s also who I would have design my bridal gown if I was high profile enough. In all honesty it will probably be something commissioned for the event, complete with a chapel train that goes on for a mile… But it’s fun to look at pictures 🙂


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