Boots, boots and more boots!

With my impending move to NYC in January (I probably haven’t mentioned it much on here, but if you’re a constant presence in my life I’ve probably talked your ear off about it…), I’ve begin to realize where my wardrobe has glaring holes: sweaters, leggings and boots. And not just any boots will work. My dad thought that my time-trusted wellies would be sufficient, but I doubt that in the cold New York winter those will keep my toes toasty. No, I need something rain and snow resistant, that will keep my feet warm, and more importantly, CUTE! I’ve been scouring the web on a weekly basis and these are the pairs I’m most interested in. Some pairs are completely wish-list items, others are far more practical. All are cute.

Nordstrom, $119.95
(These are new since the last time I prowled, approximately 48 hours ago)

Nordstrom, $154.95
(Both this and the last pair allow for the top to be rolled up or down, I like having that option)

The North Face, $164.95
(The North Face makes some of the cutest moccasin style boots, but I don’t know if they’re quite me…)

Bloomingdale’s, $159
(The downside to any shoe from Bloomingdale’s is the lack of a Texas location, I really want to try the pair on before I officially tell my parents which pair I want for xmas)
Anthropologie, $298
(One of my profs put this pair on my radar. If only my budget could be this high!)

While when I began my trek to find the perfect winter boot I didn’t have a clear idea in mind of what I wanted, it seems very clear that I want something with fur or shearling on top, perhaps with the option to roll it up and hide it. In a perfect world those Anthropologie boots would be mine. If only I could find an investor. Le sigh.


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