A quick run-down, days 4/5/6/7/8…

Deepest apologies for neglecting my little blog during the last few days of fashion week, it’s astonishing how 13 hours can still consume my life so. I don’t want to skirt any shows that deserve coverage (at least in my eyes…) so here’s my own “reader’s digest” version, if you will.

Also, I must say I really could have a future in fashion forecasting because several things I projected for spring/summer 2011 are walking down the runway as we speak. I’m pretty proud of myself.

Marc Jacobs
Retro colors and prints, seventies flair with a nod to sophistication, oversize flowers that would make Carrie Bradshaw proud. Overall, I like it. (Plus it’s straight from my “botanical delight” mood for s/s 2011).

Monique Lhuillier
Below the knee shirts, effortless femininity and the Garden of Eden!!! Monique may have jokingly said “welcome to the Garden of Eden” at the beginning of her show but no joke, I called my forecast for s/s 2011 the Garden of Eden – her collection looked as though it stepped out of my “faded petal” mood.
Donna Karan
Right out of my “stepping stones” mood for s/s 2011. Easy nudes, crinkled effects on the paper thin fabrics. Oh and did you count Karlie Koss three times!
Proenza Schouler
Proenza Schouler put new life into Ivy League prep. There were nods to fifties defined waist and A-line silhouette as well as the twenties drop waist.
When the style.com reviewer said that this collection wasn’t a predictable one, I completely agree. It’s a little backwoods lumberjack meets classic tailoring and the Rodarte girl, with fewer knits. I was surprised to see girly peplums paired with such stiff architectural structure.
Oscar de la Renta
Style.com doesn’t have images yet, but I caught the live stream and can we just agree that Mr. de la Renta is the kind of tulle? It was stunning, true artwork. Very fifties couture garden party. I actually kept thinking about one of my favorite movies, Funny Face, the entire time I was watching his show. Love!

Not to worry, I’ll continue posting about more shows, I just don’t want my posts to end up taking up the entire length of my page. Until (probably) tomorrow!


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