Summer reading, extended

I’m increasingly happy with the positive consequences of taking a mild 13 hours this semester. My newest passtime: reading. Sounds novel, right? I don’t think it’s been since middle school (with the exception of blissful summer reading) that I’ve been able to read for my own enjoyment, and I rather welcome the concept. The first book on my fall reading list (that has nothing to do with a syllabus!) is Tim Gunn’s Gunn’s Golden Rules: Life’s Lessons for Making it Work.

Instead of penning another book in the same vein as his other titles, Gunn is branching out and giving us a delectable piece full of vignette-style stories from his personal and professional life, along with anecdotes of the ruthless industry he survives and that I am pursuing. I’m so happy that the LOFT here in Waco is right next to a bookstore, and that I can just pop in and buy some good reading material before or after working my shift. I hope I don’t end up spending more money there than I already do at work… perhaps this isn’t as good of an arrangement as I initially thought. The jury is out on that for now. Happy reading!

And I’ve already heard enough spoilers, no more please! Also, the happiest time of the year is about to begin – Christmas comes three times for me: February, September and December. I love fashion week.


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