Wardrobe crush

This weekend the Drew Barrymore/Justin Long flick, Going the Distance released. I saw it twice, and got two healthy doses of the best medicine while I was at it. But apart from enjoying the movie’s health benefits and geeking out over the design of the opening credit sequence, I had major closet envy. From Drew’s first scene, I was taken away with everything she wore and how it was styled. I think I talked my friend Rachel’s ear off with how many times I professed love for ERL’s ensembles. It was bohemian-rocker with a sophisticated edge. Unfortunately some of my favorite outfits didn’t have great images on Google, but here’s glimpse at one reason (of many! I assure you) this movie is so great.

This movie also convinced me that the long bob is a really cute hairstyle, but I’m too attached to growing my hair long to try it out. And I need the soundtrack. Especially songs by the band The Boxer Rebellion. So all in all this movie is fab, and good chance my favorite movie this year. Yes, it played into some realities of mine (journalism student with one year left in school, with possible relationship decisions to make), which became all too real while still allowing me to laugh at my own circumstances.


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  1. Ron Schmitz

    Everything Drew had on looked so comfortable. The guys looked ordinary. Glad to hear there is at least one good movie worth seeing. The report we got on George Clune’s “American” were really bad – think we will skip that one.

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