Spectator art

The newest episode of Project Runway might go down in history as being my favorite challenge. In all honesty really could have cared less about the designs, I could have spent an hour and a half admiring the Philip Treacy creations. Seriously, they are stunning! And in fact, let’s just call this one of my “When I’m rich and famous” posts, because let’s be real, I would die for some art like this.

While watching this episode I couldn’t help but be transported back to early June when I met with Prudence of Prudence Millinery, also out of London. That meeting a few months ago is the reason I’m so interested in millinery as an art form. The couture hats are pieces of art, I really wish they were more accessible. Actually I take that back, their status and accessibility is probably one reason they are so eye-catching: they aren’t common in daily life. Especially not on a college campus. Take a few moments to be mesmerized.

Forget fingernail sculptures, millinery is the innovative sculpture art of the moment. At least in my opinion. Check out http://www.philiptreacy.co.uk/ for more shots of his artwork.


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