My fashion movie must-see list

This summer in the books I’ve been reading – and let’s face it, in general – I’ve come across a bevvy of movies that have an important fashion aspect or influence on fashion. And they all have one thing in common: I must see them ASAP.

1) Annie Hall
Diane Keaton’s take on menswear for womenswear trend hadn’t sparked as much conversation since YSL practically invented the trend twenty-something years prior. I’ve even mentioned the styles from this movie in my writing, admittedly without having ever seen it. Does that make me a poseur?

2) Anything with Grace KellyFirstly, because I’ve not seen a single movie of hers. Secondly, I saw the Grace Kelly at the V&A museum in London earlier this summer and was inspired to find something she’s in a spend an afternoon watching old movies – this has yet to happen. Thirdly, because she was always elegant.

3) Gentlemen Prefer BlondesMarilyn Monroe had the complete opposite image as wholesome Audrey Hepburn, but the woman was glamorous. And so, I have learned, is this movie and the fashion in it.

4) Sweet CharityI must admit, this is on here mainly because I’ve performed the Rich Man’s Frug with a dance company, so part of my burning desire to see this movie stems from that. The other part stems from all of the editorial fashion spreads that are styled in the image of this musical and it’s various dance sequences – most notably, the Rich Man’s Frug.

I have a lot of movie-viewing ahead of me in the next two weeks if I want to cross all of these off of my list by the time classes start up again…



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2 responses to “My fashion movie must-see list

  1. Sorry to make your list longer but I also suggest Coco Before Chanel with Audrey Tautou 🙂 Fabulous!!

    I can’t believe you saw the Grace Kelly exhibit in person – I would die!! She is such an elegant, stylish icon. Was it is wonderful as I imagine??

    • I’ve been dying to see that movie! Maybe I’ll rent it on iTunes tonight…
      And yes, the Grace Kelly exhibit was great! I was surprised at how little space the V&A gave it, but I was so impressed with it. They had elaborate descriptions of everything and movie clips playing on screens. I really wish I had been allowed to take pictures to put on my blog.

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