Retail using social media correctly

Sometime around 1:30 ET Ann Taylor posted an album of its Holiday 2010 press preview to its Facebook page. Fans of the retailer can preview the collection, due to be in stores starting in early November and see which magazine editors were browsing the collection. Just to name a few: Hal Rubenstein, InStyle; Alexis Bryan Morgan, Elle; Roberta Myers. Elle; Joann Pailey, Elle; Adam Glassman, O; Susan Kaufman, People Style Watch; Regina Haymes, More; Jane Seymour, More and Meredith Melling Burke, Vogue. Sounds like the kind of press event I could have been at, combining two of my favorite things: Ann Taylor and magazines

It’s not really news that the fashion industry is taking social media by storm and using it to better connect with the industry consumers, but with retailers like Ann Taylor leading the way in showing the consumer what to expect months in advance, the retail industry is changing. The internet, and especially social media, are bringing the consumer closer to the product. Magazines have done this with blogs and allowing reader comments creating a conversation that brings readers closer together. And blogs have allowed little gems like Tavi to make it big before hitting puberty. It makes me pause to wonder what the next twitter will be. What will the industry, and the world, come up with next to bring everyone closer together? And have consumers feeling like they’re not just passing through stores, but actively participating in the business.

My guess is, whatever that next big social media movement happens to be, Ann Taylor will be one of the first retailers to start using it. Ann Taylor’s social media and press team are taking the lead and should be watched closely. From the impressive repositioning of the brand to its business acumen where connecting to its consumers is concerned.


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